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VIDEO: How to Make Curls Tighter at the Root & More Defined

Sunday, March 29, 2020
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So many curl girls experience flat, less defined roots where the hair is often naturally much straighter. This is totally normal to have a looser curl pattern right at the root. There are several things you can do to help encourage the curl pattern. Here are 10 tips to get tighter curls at the root.

  1. Clarify to remove buildup. Products, sweat, oil, etc. can weigh down the roots, causing the curls to be more elongated. A clarifying shampoo gives a deeper clean than regular shampooing, and it's important to do this on a regular basis.
  2. Avoid applying conditioner right at your root. Focus the conditioner on your ends, and work the leftover product upwards so the roots aren't weighed down.
  3. Use Olaplex No. 3 to tighten curls. Learn more about how Olaplex works in this video. Olaplex helps repair the hair's cuticle making it stronger. Curls often appear tighter and bounce up after doing several treatments.
  4. Wet plop after washing your hair, and before you style to help encourage curl retention when it's wet.
  5. Avoid applying heavy styling creams and leave-in conditioner to your roots, and focus it on the mid-shaft to ends.
  6. Pick up vertical sections, and use the Denman brush to define individual curls right at the root down. Wrap the brush around the strand twice before pulling downwards to get a righter ringlet.
  7. Avoid brushing all your hair forward when styling upside down, as this can often stretch out the roots. Instead, apply your stylers with your head upright.
  8. Lift your hair at the root, and scrunch with your hair close to the root with gel or mousse.
  9. Avoid creating a straight, defined part. Instead, make a messy, zig-zag part for more volume.
  10. When diffusing, place your diffuser right at your root, lift, and hold for a few seconds to create volume. Also try plopping your hair upside down while hovering the diffuser for less frizz.
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How to Make Curls Tighter at the Root & More Defined

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VIDEO: How to Diffuse Curly Hair without Frizz for Beginners

Monday, March 23, 2020
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Many people with naturally curly hair find it difficult to dry their hair using a hair dryer and diffuser attachment because it can often cause frizz. Air drying is much healthier for your hair, but it can take almost an entire day sometimes for curly hair to fully dry. If you have fine curly hair like mine, or wavy curls, diffusing can help with curl definition and create ringlets, versus air dying where the ringlets are typically more elongated.

I've always diffused my hair upside down by gathering my hair into the diffuser and pressing it up to my head. Although that method gives me tight ringlets, it can often cause frizz on the ends and split ends. I've been testing a new "plopping" method where the diffuser doesn't touch the hair, and hovers around instead.

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How to diffuse curly hair without frizz

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VIDEO: How to Go Longer without Washing your Curly Hair

Sunday, March 15, 2020
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We all know it's not good to wash our hair every day, but it's really hard sometimes to go multiple days in between your wash days. I've compiled my best tips for preserving your curls, styling your hair so that it lasts longer, and the best long-lasting products.

As I explained in the video, don't stress if you just can't get by with only washing your hair once a week, and comparing yourself to others. Everyone's scalp and curls are so different, and as long as you're taking care of your curls and they're healthy, that's all that matters.

I have fine curly hair, that's low density. I can usually get 2-4 days out of my style. My hair easily gets buildup and gets weighed down easily because it's fine. Coarser hair textures can usually go longer without washing their hair.

I notice after about 3 days, I start to feel some oil on my scalp. Nothing that that noticeable, but enough to where I don't like the feeling or the smell of my hair at the root.

Here's my tips for going longer without washing your curly hair:

  • Use a strong hold gel or mousse on wash day to "seal" in the moisture and protect your hair from frizz with the "cast"
  • Leave some of the cast in your hair so it lasts longer
  • If you wash at night, leave the gel cast in your hair when you sleep and scrunch it out in the morning
  • Sleep in a satin bonnet or on a satin pillowcase with your hair up in a loose scrunchie
  • Avoid tangles and breakage with the tips in this video
  • Skip refreshing and let your hair rest if you can when you're staying home
  • Wear protective hairstyles like a pineapple, high bun, low bun, etc.
  • Avoid using too much product when refreshing
  • Adjust how wet you get your hair when refreshing
  • Only spot refresh, or refresh the curls that need it
  • Use dry shampoo to absorb oil
  • Wear your hair in a satin bonnet when working out, silk scarf, or in a loose scrunchie

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How to go longer without washing your curly hair

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VIDEO: Easy Messy Bun Hairstyle for Natural Curls

Sunday, March 08, 2020
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Having natural curls automatically make a traditional messy bun look more polished, and it's effortless. I wear my hair in a high curly bun pretty frequently, especially when I don't have time to refresh my curls and want to pro-long my wash day. It actually works best on slightly dirty hair with product!

Here's what I used on wash day:

Here's what I used for this look:
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Easy messy bun hairstyle tutorial for natural curls

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VIDEO: A Week with Curly Hair - Wash Day, Refreshing, Co-Wash & Go, Lazy Bun Hairstyles

Sunday, March 01, 2020
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Ever wonder what my typical week looks like when it comes to this high maintenance curly hair? I'm taking you along throughout the week as I test some new products, experiment with a gel I'm trying to master, refresh a bad hair day, and my lazy go-to bun hairstyles.

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Week of Curly Hair

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