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Friday, November 13, 2009

Hey everyone!
This is a really easy and pretty dark blue and aqua color look I did today.
1. First I primed my eyes with ELF Mineral Eye Primer
2. I applied the left side of Loreal HIP in Showy to my inner corners and 3/4 of the way across my lid, but not extended above the crease. (I just used the Mary Kay brushes I have but I am about to get some new brushes, either ELF or Sigma.)
3. Next I used a crease brush and applied the right side, the dark blue, to the outer corners in a V shape.
4. Then I took a really dark blue eyeshadow I got at Sally's (its the Sally Girl mini eyeshadow in Midnight) and put it on the outer side right in the crease. This just darkens up the crease some, but you don't have to.
5. Next I took a plain clean brush and went over me whole lid with it to blend all the colors.
6. Then I used Jordana EasyLiner in Blue Devine and lined the bottom and inner corners of the top and bottom but then just the outside of the top and winged it out a little. *My eyes are small so I didn't go all the way across the top, which would make them look even smaller.
7. I curled my lashes and finished off with Lash Blast Lengths Mascara.

Comment if you tried this look!

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