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Purchases & Review & Swatches (NYX, ELF, Hard Candy & Nail Polish Rack)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Here's some of the stuff I have gotten in the last couple of weeks. I took advantage of the NYX $1 sale and got a few things. Also I am going to show you the nail polish rack a got a month ago or so and I finally put it up!


The first swatch is really hard to see but its on the far left. Its a nude-pink frost color. Its the NYX Lipstick in Bare ($1). The color swatches online do not really look like what they are. I wanted a plain nude lipstick. This is more of a white-ish pinky nude. And it has shimmer, which i didn't like. 
The next one is NYX gloss called Dolly Pink ($1) and its a really pretty hot pink color. I love the way it shows up because I always get stuck with sheer lip colors that don't show. 
The last two swatches is from Hard Candy ($4). It came with a liquid lipstick (in Queen) and lip liner (in Natural). I love this!! Its a pretty dark pink-brown mauve color with shimmer. The picture is from off line and it looks red but its not. With the lip liner, it made my lips look really full and the color lasted half the day! It was still on but a little worn off so I re-applied around noon. 
The last thing pictured there is a NYX Double Sided Eyeliner & Shadow in Black/White ($1). I don't really see how this is a shadow but I like it for liner. The black is really black and goes on smooth. It lasted on my waterline pretty long. The white didn't really show up that bright on my waterline. The only problem is its so big and I am going to need to get a large sharpener to sharpen it.I couldn't find this anymore on the NYX website. 

Here's some stuff I got from ELF. 
The first pictured is the Studio Brush Shampoo ($3). I really like this and its cheap! I clean my brushes with it once a week and it gets all the gunk out. It looks large but the bottle is small (4.1 oz.). The next is the Studio Daily Brush Cleanser ($3). This one is a lot taller (8.5 oz.). There were a lot of mixed reviews on this on the ELF site but I like it. People were saying that it smelled terrible and leaked. It doesn't smell bad, but not good. Its not like unbearable and it doesn't make your brushes stink. It had leaked a little bit when i received it, but no big deal. It works well for spot cleaning my brushes. 
Then I got a Studio Face Kabuki Brush ($5). I love this! Its SO soft and blends all my face makeup. 
Last thing I got is the ELF Studio Bronzer in Cool ($3). Its the perfect bronzer for winter. It has no shimmer and combines white, 2 shades of bronze, and pink to make a healthy looking glow. 

Now for the polish rack. Tell me what you think!

Let me know if you have questions! And enter the giveaway!!!!

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  1. Adorable post! Full of cosmetic products. Thanks. I love these colors which you showed here.

  2. Loved the polish rack, really cool!!! XOXO

  3. Loved your post! Yeah the brush cleaner doesnt smell that bad but the smell kind of lasts for a while

  4. The polish rack is great, easy and accessible! Awesome collection too x

  5. I loveeee that nailpolish rack. how funny I just posted a blog right that I need a nailpolish rack!!! lol. look at my photos on how I keep my nail polishes lol its horrible! i totally need to get that


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