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Jewelry Organization and Storage

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Jewelry is one of the most difficult things to organize. I used to use a jewelry box, but that just wasn't cutting it, especially when my collection grew. So I searched around online and this is what I came up with. Its cheap and displays everything instead of cramming it into a box.

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To organize my earrings I got this rotating earring tree. It holds a ton of earrings and I've almost filled it.
For my necklaces and bracelets I got this 2 tiered acrylic T-bar. Its great because I can see all of them and they don't get tangled.
Both the earring and necklace holder came from Gems On Display. I got them both at once and together it was $30. 
For other things like rings and small things I got this little dish at Walmart for only like a $1-$2.

Comment if you have any questions about any of the jewelry or the organization.
Tell me how you organize yours :]

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  1. Great way to organize them! I have jewelry boxes because I don't want to keep dusting everything that is out in the open...but because everything is hidden I forget what I have, and end up not wearing a lot of stuff!

  2. you have an amazing collection!! this is a great storage idea! everything is so organized and easy to find :) xx

  3. Very Nice! I am loving the organization.

  4. love it! wish i had the room for this idea

  5. I just bought one of those earring trees from that website, it's adorable!


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