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New Covergirl LasBlast Fusion Review (And a comparison to the other LashBlast mascaras)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

So i picked this up last week at Walgreens for around $10. It just came out.
You can purchase this here.
It is supposed to be LashBlast (the orange one) and LashBlast Lengths (the yellow one) combined. It claims to be volumizing and lengthening. I have tried all the LashBlast mascaras, and this one is probably my favorite out of them all.
The formula is very similar to the original LashBlast. The light black color is the same, thickness, and texture. It is a fiber mascara, which means it has tiny fibers in it that are supposed to attach to the tips and make it longer.
I do not like how the do not put very much in the huge tube (picture below) and it is kind of dry.
To me, a lengthening mascara is a thin formula and liquidy. So you would think if they were trying to combine length and volume, they would make a fat brush with a lot of bristles, but a liquidy formula. This one is kind of dry. It seems like I had to go back over the tips for them to get covered because the mascara is so thick. If it was thinner, it would cover from roots to tips in one swipe, making them look longer.
I do not see much of a difference in the brush compared to the original LashBlast. It has a fat brush with rubber bristles. It does not clump, which is good since it volumizes.

Here is the picture of the brush. As you can see, there is only a little over an inch of product in there.

Here are the results with 3 coats:

 My lashes, as you can see look thicker and longer. My bare lashes are really thin, light brown, and fairly long but not super long. They also require lots of curling.

Here are the other mascara's if you want to compare:

LashBlast original is the first one they came out with and it is volumizing.

This is the LashBlast Luxe. It is the same as the original, but comes in different color tints to go with your eyes (its not visible like your wearing colored though). It also has some shimmer in it.

This is the LashBlast Lengths. It has a skinny brush and more wet formula to create length, but it doesn't do much for volume.

So overall, I do like this mascara. I just wish they would change a few things to make it more lengthening. It did lengthen my eyelashes, but required lots of coats. I would say get it if your lashes are pretty average length or long, but not if you have short lashes. 

Let me know if you all have tried this yet, and how it worked for you. Post a picture with you wearing it!


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  1. I love the fact that is suppose to make your lashes longer, but I like my lashes to look wet, not dry. Hmmmm but most likely I will try this out. Thanks for the review love!

  2. Well, it doesn't really make them look dry, but the mascara is dry so you have to coat it on the tips. Let me know what you think :]


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