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Clothing Purchases- Charlottes Russe and American Eagle

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Just a little haul of some stuff I got today...
The main pieces are new and I added stuff I already had.
*Click to view larger.

These purple floral shorts are from Charlotte Russe ($10). They look a lot like a skirt, but its shorts. It has dark and light purple and some yellow in. 
Charlotte Russe had tank tops for 2 for $10 so I got the yellow one with it.
The jean jacket is old, and from Hollister.
The shoes are from last year from American Eagle.

This black romper is gathered at the waist with a draw string and buttons down the front. It was $10 at Charlotte Russe. 
Underneath I have just a turquoise tank top from Hollister. 
*See the end of the post for the shoes and jewelry.

The turquoise shirt has an elastic band and pockets with strings on them. It was $20 at Charlotte Russe.
The brown tank top was part of the 2 for $10. 
The belt is one I already had from Forever21.

The black shorts are super comfortable and were $17 at Charlotte Russe.

Both the necklace ($7) and bracelet ($6) are from Charlotte Russe. The necklace has a really pretty turquoise stone with a cluster of a ton of random things. The bracelet came in a group with a bunch of other brown and red bracelets.

These flat sandals are dark brown and turquoise. They were $15 at Charlotte Russe. The bottom looks black when you put it with a black outfit or can look brown.

These white sandals were $30 at American 

And that's all! There were so many Mother's Day sales today. New York and company had a huge sale for 50% off everything, but I ran out of time to look there. 
Let me know if you liked the outfits or if you have any questions. Did you all shop any Mother's Day sales?

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  1. Ooooh! Cute stuff! I love everything that you got!


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