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Makeup for Every Eye Color

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I am just showing you what colors compliment each eye color. Anyone with any eye color can wear any color eye shadow and look good. There are just certain eye shadows that bring out your eye color.

All the pictures are using the Maybelline Eye Studio Quads
Check out Maybelline's website for more pictures and how-tos.
I have changed the eye colors in the photos above to show you how the eye shadow brings out the colors (except in my pictures, haha).

I'm going to talk about brown eyes first, because that is what I have and I have experimented the most with what looks the best.
Brown eyes have the advantage because they can go with pretty much any color, since brown is a neutral color. There are different shades of brown eyes- dark brown, medium, and light brown. Mine are kind of a medium shade. They don't look black, but they're not as yellow-y as light brown.
Eye shadows that go best with brown eyes are purple, teal & blues, green, and gold.
Purple and teal flatters every shade of brown. Green goes best with dark brown eyes and gold goes best with light brown eyes because they have a hint of yellow around the pupil. Brown eyed girls can really pull off bright colors because it contrasts with dark eyes.
Brown eyes look good with brown and black eyeliners. Line your waterline with white eyeliner to really contrast against brown eyes. Here is some looks I've done to enhance mine.
First two pictures are in Give Me Gold and the third is in Sapphire Siren. Click here for a full tutorial using Sapphire Siren.


Blue eyes come in a variety of shades too. There's gray, baby blue (like in the picture), and a true blue. All blues look good with brown, copper & gold, and blue. Browns contrast well against blues and adding light blue shadow accentuates the blue eye color. Navy blue eyeliner looks great with blue eyes and really brings out the whites of the eye, without looking harsh like black. Putting a lighter blue on the lid and lining with a dark blue like in the picture brings out the eyes because that is the same way the iris is. Gray and charcoal eyeliner also looks great.
Blue eyed girls can pull off smokey gray and black looks too because the contrast of light eyes and dark shadow.


Green eyes are pretty versatile with colors too. Plum, pink, green, and copper look best. Colors that you want to stay away from cooler colors like blues and even gray. Pink and plum colors bring put the green the best. It is best to put theses colors over the lid. Use a hint of green around the outer part of the eye to compliment green eyes.
Green eyes look good with brown eyeliner, green, and plum.


Hazel eyes are a mix of brown and green pigments. They can be worn with the same colors as brown or green eyes can, depending on which color you want to bring out more. However, I would avoid the cooler colors that go with browns like blue and teal. Stick to plum, pink, brown, and gold.
Brown, green, or purple eyeliner looks the best with hazel eyes.

*Another good way to bring out your eye color is use the color that your eye color has only a little bit of. For example, brown eyes can have a hint of yellow or gold around the pupil. This really makes eyes pop.

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I want to know what eye color you all have and what makeup you find that looks the best on you. Comment below!!


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  1. I really like tthis post ! i've brown eyes i rarely use eyeshadows as i dont know what colours would suit me. i'll try to use bright colours next time :)xx


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