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Dove Visibly Smooth Review

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don't you all just hate having to shave your underarms everyday? Or you shave them and by the end of the day they are prickly again. Or they start to look a dark color? I have discovered a new deodorant that could take care of all those things for ya and prevent wetness.
I have the Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth in Wild Rose. There is also a Nature Fresh Scent and a Clinical Protection formula. Prices range from $3.89-$4.88 for the Ultimate and $7.99-$9.99 for the Clinical Protection. You can get it at any drug/super store.
This deodorant claims to help minimize the look and feel of underarm hair over time. It also has 24-hour wetness protection and says it does not leave white marks on clothing.

My thoughts:
I used this product for over a month so I could really test it out for you all. The first week or so I did not see much of a difference in the hair. I was still shaving every other day or everyday. It did have awesome wetness protection and it lasted all day. I saw a few white marks but that was only when I wasn't really paying attention when putting my shirt on.

I normally don't like a stick (solid) deodorant. I have always used a gel or a cream deodorant. But I love this one! It went on so nicely and did not dry out my underarms like the gel. Mine tend to get pretty dry and itchy from shaving and being itchy under your arms is not cute! The Dove was totally moisturizing and I had no flaky skin!

So after using it after about 3 weeks I start noticing that it felt like I didn't need to shave. The hair was softer and not all prickly. It even seemed lighter, and believe me, I have some dark thick hair!

I have been shaving about every 2-3 days now. And I could even wait longer because people can't even see it since it got lighter. 2-3 days is much better than everyday! Shaving that much just dries out your skin and is a pain!

I definitely recommend Dove Visibly Smooth!

Also, International Fitness Consultant, Celebrity Trainer and
Co-Founder of Equinox Gym Kacy Duke is teaming up with Dove in the Underground Tour. She will be hosting events to get everyone in shape and Visibly Smooth with Dove. Check out the campaign here:

If you want to learn more about Kacy Duke and her programs, click here.

Have you tired the new Dove line? Was this helpful? Let me know if you are thinking about purchasing it! :)


FTC Disclaimer: Dove was so generous to provide me with the product for review purposes. My opinion is honest and not influenced in any way. I am not being compensated for this review. 

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  1. Ooh, this sounds interesting I'm going to have to get myself one of these to try out I hattttte shaving! x


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