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Sigma Makeup Brush Review

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

As you all know, i ADORE my Sigma Makeup brushes. They are awesome. They're affordable and very high quality. There is a brush for everything. I own the Complete Kit and a few individual brushes which include: E45 Small Tapered Blending and F10 Powder/Blush. Sigma has recently updated their website where you can buy individual brushes. So if you only own a kit and want you want more brushes, they are available now.
What is also awesome is that they come in pink too instead of just black. I got the E05 Eyeliner brush in pink which is only $9.00! If you buy them individually, they only come in black. If you want it in pink, they are in a kit- here. Even though its not black it still looks really professional. Its a gorgeous light iridescent pink color. This is great for applying gel eyeliner. It is just the right size and is firm enough that you can control the precision of your eyeliner. You can hold it flat for a wider line, or hold it straight for a precise line. This brush also cleans really easily. After using it i just wipe it on a tissue that way i can use it in another color the next day.
I even use it with a black eyeshadow to set my eyeliner or my waterline and it does not scratch it. When you spend $30 at Sigma they add a free E25 Blending Travel size brush to your order. These are awesome crease brushes for that faded effect. When you order from Sigma, the brushes come with a brush protector for each brush and a mesh bag. They also include a brochure about the brushes and cleaning instructions. And of course the shipping does not take long at all. Mine came in about 3 or 4 days.
Click HERE to go to Sigma's website!
Let me know if you are thinkin about purchasing or if you own any Sigma brushes!


FTC: Sigma has provided me with the eyeliner brush and the travel size blending brush. All other brushes mentioned were purchased by me. My opinions are 100% honest.

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