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Extremely Cheap Great Quality Makeup Brushes

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I was really skeptical when I saw these brushes. Seeing that it was a pack for 6 brushes for only $5 I'm thinking.. no way! I was browsing Walmart just looking for an angled eyebrow brush so I could use the one I have now for eyeliner. I came across this. It is Paris Presents Inc. Deluxe Eye Duo Set. (Paris Presents is the company that makes EcoTools). There are 3 brushes, but they are double sided so you really get 6. This set comes with a mini powder brush, concealer (or flat eyeshadow) brush, blending brush, stiff crease (or pencil) brush, angled brush, and a spoolie.

These are AMAZING quality for being $5. Now of course, they are not as good as my Sigma brushes. But for having some extra ones for little things they are awesome.
They are super soft and have not shed yet. The only thing that seems cheap are the handles. They do not fall apart at all but they just feel really light, almost like they are hollow. Which is not bad at all, just different than a Sigma or MAC.

I really like the mini powder brush for applying setting powder, or powder foundation, under my eyes to set concealer. It is great for that. On the other side, is a concealer brush or can be used with loose eyeshadows or regular eyeshadows.
Then there is a blending brush. This is much more thick and dense then a regular SS224. This is good when you really need a lot of blending. I really like it for applying highlight too.
On the other side of that is a stiff pencil brush. This is a domed, slightly pointed, stiff brush. This works great for applying shadow under eyes and in the corners or even as a crease brush.
The last one is perfect for eyebrows. I have been using this everyday. I use the spooie to comb eyebrows then fill them in the the angled brush side. It is stiff for control, but not too stiff to where they don't look natural.

These are really great quality and very affordable and accessible. I would not recommend these to you all if I didn't think they were great quality.
You can buy this exact set in stores, but not online. They have other sets online tho and single brushes.

I am going to be doing these little sales and coupons I find out about at the end of my posts. What do you all think? Do you like it?

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  1. I adore a jammy bargain! They look ok, I would definetely buy them. Trying is believing though! But I don't live in America to get them. :( ♥



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