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Beauty Tip of the Week (New Series!): Make Your Polish Last Longer

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hey guys! I am going to start doing a post once a week with one helpful beauty trick. There are so many out there, and blogs are the perfect place to share them with everyone.  It will be simple ones that you can use household items for, something small you might not know of, or just little tricks to help you out. With every post I do, comment below with a tip/trick of your own, and I will feature it in the next post. If these go well, I will do them weekly. So my tip for this week..


Every time I do my nails (once a week), I always always use a buffer block first.

These little things are awesome! They are super cheap and you can get them anywhere. Here's a link to some:  nail buffer block
They can be 4-sided (when they have a nail file too) or they can be triangular shaped when they have 3 sides. First use the rougher side to buff off all extra cuticle skin, nicks, shine, ridges, splits, everything! This does not damage your nails at all because it is gentle. DO NOT use anything really rough that leaves scratches on your nails. Those are meant for fake nails and they will take off a layer of your natural nail and make them thin. But the 3 or 4 way ones are meant for natural nails and work great! Then you use the next side that is more smooth. This smooth everything over and adds a little shine. Then you finish off with the rubber side that makes them super shiny and smooth!
I have seen a huge improvement for how long this makes the nail polish last. It removes any faults that may make your polish lift and chip. It gives it a smooth surface to stick too.
Also, be sure that you push down your cuticles every time you paint your nails. Nail polish cannot stick to nails when there is build up at the bottom. After you push them back, buff off any skin that is stuck to the nail. This makes a huge difference! It gives you more nail space to work with, and your nails will look longer.

You can even use the buffer block when you don't polish your nails. They will look smooth, shiny, and healthy.

If you want to see a tutorial on my entire manicure routine, click here.

Thanks for reading!
Don't forget to tell me your tricks and tips in the comments so I can include them in my next post! Also, let me know if you'd rather see this tips/tricks in a video!



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