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Beauty Tip of the Week: Stop Breakouts!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Hello everyone! I am back with another small little beauty tip for you all. Don’t forget to share your beauty tips in the comments so I can put them (with your blog link) in the next Beauty Tip of the Week!
Be sure to always always wash your face last in the shower! When you wash your hair, a lot of the oils from your hair can wash down onto your face. And we don’t want that! Also, the suds and stuff from your shampoo, or the oils from your conditioner, could be braking you out. So always wash your face after your hair!
Another tip:
Apply your cleanser to your face and let it soak. I like to go ahead and do my body wash while I am waiting for it to absorb. If you are just washing your cleanser off immediately, you’re not giving it time to work!
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