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Beauty Tip of the Week: Apply Foundation Flawlessly Like a Pro!

Friday, April 22, 2011

I have tried several different ways off applying foundation. You can use a regular foundation brush, which works okay, but I find it to be a bit streaky. There is also a stippling brush method, which can be difficult since the bristles are so flimsy and some foundations dry quickly. You can also use a flat-top synthetic kabuki brush, which I have not tried but I have heard works well. You can also use your fingers, which is obviously the cheapest way, and works great, but it doesn't always blend the best.  Using brushes and stuff seems to take a long time to put on your foundation, because you have to blend forever and they are small.

So my favorite way to apply foundation is with a Blending Sponge (or better known as BeautyBlender. I love the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge (pictured to the left). The BeautyBlender sponge was the original sponge used by pros to apply foundation. They are great sponges, but they can run you anywhere from $18-$20 and are only available online or at Sephora. But the Sonia Kashuk one makes a great dupe for them, and they are available at Target (or Amazon), for only about $10! That's much cheaper, and they get the job done!
This little sponge is easy to hold, with the indentation. It has a wide flat bottom, for applying foundation all over your face. Then the tips is pointy, so you can get into those hard to reach places like around your nose or hairline. This blends foundation so flawlessly, and super fast to use! It is recommended to use this sponge wet, but you can use it dry too. However when I use it dry I find that it soaks up a lot of the foundation, which wastes makeup and makes it hard to clean. So I keep a little spray bottle at my vanity, so I don't have to run to the bathroom every time. I just spray it to dampen it and pat on my foundation! It is so quick and foundation looks so even and well blended. I feel like I get the most natural looking coverage with this.

Have you guys tried either one of these sponges? What are your thoughts? What is your favorite way to apply foundation?

Comment with your beauty tips so I can put them in the next post (with your link)!

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