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Beauty Tip of the Week: Chapped Lips Fix

Friday, April 08, 2011

Of course we all want perfect looking lips like these! But with the weather and our wear and tear we do on them, it is not always possible. I get pretty bad chapped lips, no matter what time of year it is. Winter they are terrible with the cold air and wind, but they can also get chapped in the spring and summer months. In the spring and summer lips are exposed to the sun and wind, which are always harsh on lips. So how do I get my lips under control?

Exfoliating lips is essential. You can't condition and heal lips when there is dead skin in the way. You can buy a lip scrub, like this Korres one. But if you don't want to spend the money, there are many things you can do at home.
Make a sugar scrub: Use two simple things everyone has in there home like regular sugar and Vaseline mixed together and buff it on.
Or for a more daily scrub, take a warm washcloth and buff it in circular motions over your lips. You can also just use your tooth brush to remove flakes daily.
Anything a little abrasive, but not too harsh, will do!


After buffing off dead skin, restoring moisture to them is a must. I like to soak mine in Vasaline over night and you wake up with the softest lips!
For a daily lip balm, I LOVE the EOS lip balms available at drugstores. They are natural and have lots of yummy flavors. Check them out here.
Carmex is also a great cheap lip balm. It is medicated, so it works really well for very chapped lips. Check it out here.

Always always always use a lip balm with SPF in it when you will outdoors. The EOS ones have SPF 15 in them, which is awesome! Also, do NOT lick your lips! This ones makes them more chapped. Always have lots of lip balms handy everywhere that way you will never be stuck wanting to lick them. You can get a pack of Carmex for only a few dollars! I know it is hard, but if you've got the flakiness, do not pull them off! It will only tear the skin and make it bleed or hurt worse! Just use the exfoliating tips mentioned above and buff them off.

*If you have severe chronic chapped lips that are constantly cracked and bleeding, see a doctor!

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