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Beauty Tip of the Week: Smooth Summer Legs

Friday, July 22, 2011

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No one feels confident showing of their legs when they're not looking their best. Summer is all about baring them in skirts, shorts, dresses, and bikinis. Here's how to get the closest shave, and have your legs smooth and flawless.

-Start off by soaking your legs in hot water In the bath or the shower. This allows for the hair and skin to soften up for easier shaving.
-Use an exfoliating body scrub BEFORE you shave. By doing it before, you are removing the dead skin so the razor can get right against the skin. Plus your razor won't clog up with dead skin, EW! I love the Burt's Bees Cranberry Pomegranate Sugar Scrub. This one is oil based though, so make sure you wash it off with soap or body wash because the oil will cake up in your razor. Trust me its not fun and it ruins it.
-Then apply your favorite shaving cream. Always use shaving cream and never shave with soaps or shampoo or conditioner. These may work, but can dry out your skin or make you more likely to get nicks. They are not made for shaving. I love the Satin Care for sensitive skin. Its made by Gillette (Which makes awesome shave gel for men). And always get the gel, and not just the cream. It goes on so much better and you don't need as much.
-Use a razor that has at least 3 blades. Anything less is just not going to get the job done. Disposables are good because you are using a fresh one everyday. But I like the refills for the Venus Embrace ones. These are awesome because they have a band of aloe and 4 blades. Make sure you change your blades monthly though, depending on how much you shave.
-Shave in the opposite direction that the hair grows for the closest shave. For me, I have to go in at least 3 directions on my thighs.
-Rinse with cool water to close up pores. Finish off with a body butter or a natural lotion like Aveeno's Daily Lotion. Lotion is a MUST after shaving or your legs will get so ashy!

A few little extras:
-Mix your self-tanner with your lotion to add some color. My all time fav: Sun Labs.
-Apply a bit of baby oil to your shins for that sexy glow. But don't go too crazy with it!
-Dust a body shimmer, shimmery eyeshadow, or bronzer down your shins for that glow.
-Wear bug spray if your going to be outside to avoid those pesky unattractive mosquito bites.
-Never shave in a hurry so you don't get bloody nicks all over.
-NEVER ever shave dry or with lotion. BIG no no!

Comment below with your beauty tips, so I can put them in the next post!

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