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Back to School: School Supplies & Beauty Products Haul

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today's video is the start of a new series for back to school. It is a Target haul for school supplies and beauty products that I wanted to stock up on. Since I am about to start college, this might help if you are going away too to decide what is essential. I won't be linking items since you can buy them at the store, but I will make a little checklist for you!

School Supplies:

-Notebooks or binders
-Sticky notes
-Post-It tabs
-Glue sticks
-Colored pencils
-Computer paper
-Printer ink
-White out
-File box

Beauty Products:
-Shampoo & conditioner
-Mousse (or any styling product you use)
-Body wash
-Face wash
-Makeup remover
-Nail polish remover
-Shaving cream & razors
-Tissues, cotton swabs, cotton rounds, etc.


-Medicines (pain relievers, allergy medication, cold medicine, etc)

I'm sure there's tons of things I left out, but that just gives you an idea. Hope it helps! Just get the basics to start out, it's not like you will never go to another store again! And always look for the best deals. Check out my Bargain Shopping Tips to help out. Happy shopping :)

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Beauty Tip of the Week:
-Prevent Makeup from Melting

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