DIY/VIDEO: At-Home Facial: GetGlammedUp - Everyday Beauty, Simplified

DIY/VIDEO: At-Home Facial

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Products Used:
-Clean & Clear Blackhead Erasing Cleansing Mask
-Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System (review here)
-Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
-Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner
-Acne-Free Terminator 10 Spot Treatment
-Olay Firming Night Cream
-Garnier Anti-Puff Eye Roller
-Neosporin (Used for acne scars. Check out my Beauty Tip of the Week for more on this)

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Beauty Tip of the Week:

Prevent Makeup from Melting

My favorite makeup brushes:

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  1. This video is soooooo Helpful!! My skin is not very acne prone however my nose is very oily. But I think that's definitely for everyone. Do you have any tips to maybe reduce that? I've tried many cleansers but they haven't really worked so I’ve just stuck to my regular cleansing routine which is once or twice a week I use a cleansing mask and of course a moisturizer every night. I recently bought the Garnier anti-puff eye roller and I got to say, it works!!I’ve been using it for about two weeks and I can see the change. Thanks so much for introducing me to it!

  2. coooooooooooooool i wish it was night cuase now i really want to give my self a facial


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