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QuickQuestion: Banners, Intros, & Other Graphics

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Before I start anything new, I always like to ask my subscribers/followers first! I'm so excited for this! So I have a few questions...

I've always really been into graphic design, (hence why its my major in college). I love making banners, blog layouts, backgrounds, graphics, photo editing, and now getting started on YouTube video intros. I started doing it waayy back in the Xanga days. Remember that old blogging site? I think I was in middle school piddling around with this stuff. I used Paint that comes on computers! It's pretty sad. Then in the days of MySpace, I made tons layouts and designs for that. Now that I have my own real blog, I enjoy making banners and layouts for it. As for YouTube, before I made partner I made a custom background that gave my channel some glam without the privilege of a banner. Now that I am partner, I made the banner I have up now. I've taken a few graphic design classes- a web design class, and a video editing one. So I have some background on the basics of HTML and editing.
Now I sound like I'm writing a resume..on to the point of this post! :)

So since I've been making a few banners and such for my girls...Sabrina and Nicole (hers will be up soon!), I thought I'd either start up a section on my blog or a new blog for graphic design. I figured if any of you want a banner for your blog or YouTube channel we could work together to design one. I could also help with a blog or YouTube "makeover", photo editing, or YouTube intros.

I haven't decided how I'd want to set this up though. I could either have a section for it on this blog, or create a new one. I'm leaning towards just keeping everything on one place. I have a hard time keeping up with multiple websites, this is why I don't have a Facebook like page!

The other thing with this is I would need to charge something for the services. I don't plan on asking a ton, just something for my time. I am in college and currently juggling a lot. Also, there's laws against using some things for distribution such as fonts, images, and music. I would have to purchase them to be able to make things for something other than person use. So a fee for graphics is a must to cover all of that.

So I'm asking you all, what types of amounts would you be willing to pay for: a banner, YouTube intro, blog layout, small graphic, and photo editing. I am thinking around $15 for banners and intro, no more than $20. A whole blog makeover would obviously be more since it includes banners, layouts and all that. How much is reasonable, and what would you be willing to pay for something? Leave me your thoughts! Or email me with ideas at glammeup8@gmail.com or tweet me at @GlamMeUp. Links below!

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  2. Gena! I think this is the greatest idea EVER. I just checked out the link to SpeakNow & love her banner and I have always loved yours! I'm honestly thinking $20 is good or maybe even more because I know it is time consuming & you have to make a little off of it since you are taking your time away to create this banner that everyone will be noticing all over the world ! Especially since you enjoy this and its your major :)

  3. Hi!
    I love the font that you use in your blog... which is it??


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