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Best Denim Shorts for Bigger Thighs & Butt

Monday, July 22, 2013

Finding the perfect fit for denim shorts is always a challenge, and it's almost harder than jeans because you're showing more leg. If you're more of a curvy shape like me, it's tough to find shorts these days that don't show half your butt cheek. All though the pictures may look it, I don't have the smallest thighs or behind. Cameras are deceiving! I usually go for a size 6, depending on the brand.
But I wanted to show you all my favorite denim shorts, all ranging from dark to light washes, colored, and even lace denim. And they are all affordable of course :)

First pair pictured are a dark wash denim from American Eagle. American Eagle is one of my favorite places to shop for denim jeans and shorts because they have a variety of styles and cuts, and are reasonable priced. They are also made really well too. This specific style is called the "Midi" which is perfect for girls with a fuller butt because they are long enough to cover it! They also are nice because they are not super low rise, they fall at the perfect area of the hips.

The next pair are from American Eagle and are the same "Midi" cut, just in white. I love white denim because it really stands out on tan skin, and matches with a lot of stuff! Longer shorts are also great because you can wear them with or without a cuff! It allows you to customize the length you want.

Next is a light wash destroyed denim that has a very slimming cut. These are definitely shorter than what I would usually choose, but still cover good. I prefer the edges to be frayed like these instead of a regular hem, because I feel that they make your legs appear slimmer. Regular hems, especially if they are tight, can just wrap around your thighs and make them look fuller. These are by the brand Wall Flower, which you can find at Kohl's. I got them last year, and they are not on the website anymore.

This next pair are definitely bright, and perfect for summer! They are a tad too big for me, but a little of a baggy fit can be very slimming as well. These have the same frayed hem to them, that makes thighs look smaller. They are made out of a very stretchy material, so they're comfortable as well. These are by the brand Candie's, which is available at Kohl's. Unfortunately I got these last year, so they don't have them anymore.

The last pair might just be my favorite. They fit the best are tailored just right. These gorgeous mint green lace shorts are from Charlotte Russe.

Here's a few tips to keep in mind if you have fuller thighs and hips:
  • Stay away from super low rise cuts
  • Stay away from anything too short (look for at least 3-4 inches in the inseam)
  • Make sure they are the right size. Anything too tight will make legs look larger, and anything too loose will add bulk.
  • Stay away from pockets that bulge out
  • Look for frayed hems, to avoid pinched thighs
  • Avoid tight cuffs unless they have frayed edges
  • Darker washes have a slimming effect
  • Fading and creasing (like in the first pair) also have a slimming effect)
  • Shorter lengths elongate legs
  • Go for stretchy materials (like the pink pair) to avoid muffin tops!
  • Avoid the "highwaisted" trend going around. They tend to be super short and only make your tush look larger. (If you've found the perfect pair for high waisted denim PLEASE let me know!)
What are your favorite denim shorts? Tweet me a picture @GlamMeUp or comment below.

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