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How to Fix Dry Frizzy Summer Hair & Protect

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer time means wild hair! Although beachy hair might look gorgeous, the sun and water can really damage your hair. Harmful UV rays, salt and chlorine water, heat, and humidity can cause hair to become dry and frizzy. If your a have curly hair like me, these tips pretty much apply year round. But no matter what your hair type is, here's a few tips as well as products that will keep your hair hydrated and healthy this summer:
    Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deeeep Conditioner
  • Deep condition more frequently. No matter what your hair type is (oily or not) deep conditioning at least once a week is a must! But during the summer time, deep conditioning after you've been at the beach or pool is extremely important. The hot air can be just as damaging as using hot tools on your hair. My all time favorite deep conditioner is the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner. Not only is only around $3-$4 at drugstores, but it works wonders for your hair!

  • Protect your hair from the sun. Natural sun kissed highlights might be pretty, but UV rays from the sun are harmful to your hair. Ultraviolet rays penetrate into the hair's deepest layer, the cortex, which gives the hair strength. Rays also can burn the outer layers of the hair shaft, fading natural and color-treated hair. Applying a deep conditioner before going outside to your hair can help prevent sun damage, since deep conditioners absorb into the hair cuticle. Although I haven't tried any, there are actually sunscreens for your hair. I adore Ouidad hair products, and they have the Sun Shield, which is a leave-in conditioner that protects hair from UV rays. Or even better, wear a hat with your hair pulled up :)

  • Fight frizz & Detangle hair. Applying a leave-in conditioner before swimming in salt or chlorinated water will help prevent hair from tangling or drying out. Some really good leave-in conditioners I have tried and love are the Garnier Sleek & Shine Leave-In Conditioner and the Kinky Curly Leave-In Conditioner. Oils are also great for the same purpose, as long as you don't use one that is too heavy. I adore the L'Oreal Ever Curl Silk & Gloss Dual Oil Care because it is very lightweight and does not feel greasy, but leaves hair feeling super soft. It can also be removed with sulfate-free shampoos.
  • Skip the hot tools all together. I cannot even remember the last time I used heat on my hair since it has been summer. Aired dried curls not only look better, but are less frizzy than when you use a blow dryer. It's also pointless for me to straighten my hair since it is so hot and humid. Also with going to the pool and beach a lot, I want to be able to get in the water and not worry about ruining my hair. Check out my "Heatless Curls" video to see how you can curl your hair without a curling iron. 
What are your must have hair products for summer time? Tell me in the comments below!

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