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Cheap, Most Effective Way to Dry Your Makeup Brushes

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I can't believe I've never shared one of my best beauty tips on my blog! I have been drying my brushes this way for years, and it's SO cheap and effective. It's best to let your brushes dry upside down, so that all the moisture can drip down the ferrel (the metal part). I always dry them the majority of the way on a towel, but they still remain wet. Laying them flat to dry will not properly drain the any water from the ferrel, leading to brush hairs shedding and shorter brush life. *Remember to avoid getting the ferrels wet when washing brushes. If you want to see how I wash my brushes click here. However that video was before I discovered this way to dry them :)

It's simple! All you need is clothes pins! And of course something to set them on. I just hang them over the edge of my vanity desk. They are so inexpensive, and you can get a big pack for only a few dollars. However I got a pack at the dollar store that were thin and cheap, and don't stretch enough to hold the thick handle brushes. But I'm sure you can find some good ones at Target, Walmart, etc. Amazon also has a 50 pack for only about $5 here!

Comment if you plan to try this out yourself!

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