VIDEO: Healthy Eating Tips, GIVEAWAY, & Bikini Booty Workout w/ PerfectBeauty: GetGlammedUp - Everyday Beauty, Simplified

VIDEO: Healthy Eating Tips, GIVEAWAY, & Bikini Booty Workout w/ PerfectBeauty

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer has just begun, and that means everyone's trying to get fit for summer. I am in no ways a professional, and I've always struggled with poor diet habits. Lately, I've been taking minor steps to improve my diet and fitness, and I'm already seeing the results. I feel healthier, have more energy, and no longer crave unhealthy foods. These might seem basic to some, but you have to start somewhere right!
  1. Take vitamins. I love the new Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails Gummy Vitamins. The strawberry flavored gummies are SO much easier to take than those big horse pills that taste like metal. Theses taste like candy and are much easier to remember. They help improve the appearance of your skin, enhance nails and hair growth, and provide other essential nutrients for good health. Sign up for their 30-day challenge to be entered to win free stuff! And get your $1 off coupon here

    Nails were less brittle and grew faster (I keep them trimmed).
  2. Drink tons of water. I use the Brita Hard-Sided Water Bottle. It filters any tap water and makes drinking water easy! I keep it in the fridge or add ice to keep the water cold, so I'm more likely to drink it. I also like to drink a lot of water before a meal, to help fill me up so I eat less. Water will also clear up your skin, and make it glow from within! Replace all drinks such as soda, tea, and juice with water. 
  3. Eat small, frequent meals. Never starve yourself! If you constantly fuel your body you will maintain steady energy, balanced blood sugar levels, and burn calories all day. I usually eat about every 3 hours- 3 main meals and small snacks like fruit or nuts in between.
  4. Make smoothies or juices as a meal replacement or a snack. Smoothies are a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins, and its easier to drink all those fruits and veggies instead of eating them. You can easily sneak in veggies such as kale, spinach, or celery into a smoothie that you wouldn't normally eat on their own. Click here to see all my smoothie recipes.
  5. Avoid red meats and dairy. Its best to eliminate theses categories entirely from your diet, but prefer lean meats like chicken and fish. I also use almond milk instead of regular, and try to buy low fat dairy products. 
  6. Dont deprive yourself of the foods you love. Portion control is key. I would have a hard time giving up pasta and bread, but I only eat it in very small portions. Same with chocolate. A tiny Dove dark chocolate never hurt right!? ;) I also like to snack on fruit and veggies with peanut butter to satisfy my sweet tooth.
  7. Eliminate processed foods. This means anything that is not natural and needs preservatives. Frozen food and boxed foods are loaded in sodium, and are not nutritious. If you struggle with having time to fix a fresh meal, prepare your meals ahead of time for the week so you can heat them up when you're low on time. 
  8. Eliminate fast food. Plan ahead by packing your meals. Cut up fruit is great to snack on while driving! If you must stop while traveling, opt for fresher options like sub or sandwich shops. 
  9. Get your friends and family to join you in heating healthy. Not only is it more encouraging when everyone around you is eating better, but it helps to be on the same page especially if you still live at home with your parents. Go to the grocery store with them so you can pick the foods you want. Help plan meals and cook with your parents to prepare healthy dinners. 
  10. Surround yourself with encouragement online. I love watching healthy cooking or fitness videos. Subscribe to health channels so you will always see encouragement in your subscription box! Follow fitness accounts on Instagram and Pinterest so it's always popping up on your feeds. There's also tons of good recipes online, I always use Pinterest,,, or

-Winner will receive 5 packets of the gummy vitamins along with $1 off coupons in each
-Must be subscribed to my channel & Daisy's:
-Follow me on Twitter, Insta, and/or Facebook for extra entries
(Tweet me saying you followed & entered the giveaway)
-Comment anything you want (you could tell me your fitness/eating tips)
-Please only enter once
-Giveaway is open internationally
-Giveaway will end in one week on May 4th, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST
-I will announce the winner on Twitter and in a video on 5/31/14
-I will contact the winner via Youtube message and comment back

Don't forget to check out Daisy's video for a Bikini Booty Workout!

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