VIDEO: How to Grow Your Youtube Channel - Youtube Advice Series: GetGlammedUp - Everyday Beauty, Simplified

VIDEO: How to Grow Your Youtube Channel - Youtube Advice Series

Monday, December 22, 2014

Growing a YouTube channel can take quite a long time. It might seem like time is passing but your views and subscribers are just barely increasing. My channel is far from perfect, but I have learned some ways to increase your subscribers and views.

  • Be yourself - Letting your personality show will entice viewers and encourage them to stick around. Give them a reason to subscribe!
  • Be unique - Create videos that are different, and that have not been done before. Doing videos that everyone else does too is fine, but have a niche your channel that makes it unlike any other. 
  • Create searchable content - Try to think of things you have searched in the past, or ask your friends and family what kinds of things they look for online. This is the best way to bring in new subscribers that might be unaware of the YouTube community. "How to" videos are always the top searched by average people! 
  • Engage with your viewers - Instead of stressing over the numbers, develop relationships with the subscribers that you do have. Take the time to respond to everyone and encourage conversation. You want to remain relatable, friendly, and trustworthy. Use social media and the comment section to interact with everyone.
  • Utilize your analytics - YouTube's analytics feature tells you everything you need to know about your audience! This is essential in producing content they will want to watch. Learn about what age they are, what videos gained you the most subscribers, etc.
  • Utilize tags and keywords - Always properly tag your videos with keywords that relate to the content. Also tag your channel to identify it. This helps your videos and channels be discovered.
  • Make friends with other YouTubers - Working with other vloggers is a great way to get your channel out there. Giveaways and collab videos help get your channel out there, and you can develop friendships. 
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