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VIDEO: How to Prevent Eyeliner & Mascara from Smudging

Monday, September 14, 2015

Eyeliner and mascara smudging or smearing down your eyes is a common issue many women face with their makeup. Nothing is more frustrating than taking a look at your makeup mid-day and seeing raccoon eyes! I've put together a few tips and tricks I know to keep your eyeliner and mascara from smudging, and make it last all day.

Tip #1
Apply setting powder (or your regular face powder) around your eyes. This is essential especially if you're using concealer, because it not only keeps your concealer from creasing, but it also keeps the area dry. If the area around your eyes is moist in any way, then mascara and eyeliner is likely to smear.

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Tip #2
Use a good quality, waterproof or long-wearing eyeliner. Eyeliners that are super creamy are more likely to smudge. Eyeliners called "kohl" and "kajal" type eyeliners should be avoided if you have issues with smudging. These are very creamy and intended to be smudged, so they should not be used alone as basic eyeliner. Gel and liquid liners are also a great option if they are marked as "long-wearing" or waterproof.

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Tip #3:
Avoid applying liner to the waterline (inner rim) and inner corners. Instead, apply liner right below the lower lashes, and avoid the inner portion. Be sure keep the liner close to the lashes, but not overtop.

Tip #4:
Use a cotton swab to blend over the eyeliner. This will help blur the liner so you don't have a harsh line and also absorb any moisture.

Tip #5:
Set your eyeliner with an eyeshadow. If I'm wearing eyeshadow I usually just take a little shadow on a pencil brush and go over the lower lash line. You can also use an angled eyeliner brush and a matching matte eyeshadow and lightly dab over the liner. This will help set it in place to prevent smudging.

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Tip #6:
Go over the tips of your lashes with a waterproof mascara top coat. This helps seal in your mascara and prevents smudges on your brow bone. You can also use a waterproof mascara, but those can be harsh on your lashes since they are hard to remove.

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