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VIDEO: Maderma Scar Gel Review & Results

Monday, January 25, 2016

Today's review is unlike what I typically cover on my channel, because it's not makeup or hair related. However I wanted to share my story with a skin cancer scare, the cause of a scar I have. It's never been something that has really hurt my confidence because I know I've learned from it to take better care of my skin and avoid the sun.

Maderma Advanced Scar Gel is designed to gradually reduce the appearance of scars on the skin. Whether you have a bad scar like mine from a surgery, an accident, or merely acne scarring, Maderma can help. Maderma can be used on left over dark spots and acne scarring to help reduce the appearance and smooth skin's texture.

Above is my results from using Maderma for 8 weeks. My scar is by no means gone and has not shrunk in size, but it has been slightly improved. Watch my video to see more of my opinion!

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