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VIDEO: How to Prevent Hair Color from Fading / Second Day Curly Hair Routine

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Nothing is worse than paying to get your hair dyed and it fading out within a couple weeks. Whether you dye your dark like mine, a bright vibrant color, or even blonde, color can look dull for a number of reasons. I've experimented with several methods that I think have helped make my hair color last longer. I go to an Aveda salon, where I have my hair dyed a plum-brunette color every 6 weeks. I'm sharing methods I use for second, third, and even fourth day hair to prolong my curly style as long as possible without washing it.

Tips for Making Hair Color Last Longer:
  1. Wash hair every 3-4 days instead of daily (see video for no-wash styling methods)
  2. Use a "color conserve" shampoo (not just color safe) that is designed to work with your particular hair color
  3. Use a sulfate free shampoo
  4. Protect hair from the suns rays with UV and heat protectant products
  5. Avoid heat styling as much as possible
  6. Use a shower head filter to remove chlorine and minerals in hard water
  7. Sleep in a SLAPS to preserve style therefore washing less often
  8. Shampoo hair with a clarifying shampoo before coloring to remove product build up and allow color to penetrate
Products recommended/used: 
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