VIDEO: St. Tropez Dark Self Tanner Review & Results: GetGlammedUp - Everyday Beauty, Simplified

VIDEO: St. Tropez Dark Self Tanner Review & Results

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Self-tanner is one of those products where I'm always looking for the next best one, because none of them are ever perfect. I've been a long time fan of my Fake Bake Darker, but wanted to try something in a mousse formula since that one is a spray.

Today I'm reviewing the St. Tropez Dark Self Tan Mousse. I was intrigued because I've always heard great things about St. Tropez, and it's always a top seller. I went with the Dark version because I have trouble getting a dark color with my skin without multiple applications.

  • Very dark color pay off. I only need about 2 coats to get to my typical dark shade. 
  • Love the mousse formula. It's easy to apply and blends well without streaking. The dark color guard helps you see where you're applying it. 
  • Great smell. Also doesn't smell bad on the skin after developing.
  • Lasts approximately 5 days with good dark color
  • Rubs off easily, especially on areas where there's friction. I discuss in the video how it would come off on my feet from my sandals, on my bra-strap line, etc.
  • Does not dry fast. I felt sticky for hours after applying it.
  • Bronzer layer comes off onto sheets, clothes, etc.

Check out my video above for more details on how I apply it and to see if I will repurchase!

Get the St. Tropez Dark Self Tan Mousse here for $45. (I purchased it for $25, but it must have been on sale at the time).

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