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VIDEO: How to Diffuse Naturally Curly Hair

Thursday, January 18, 2018

One of my most asked curly hair questions is always regarding blow drying and diffusing curls. If you have naturally curly hair, you may know how awful using a regular blow dryer can be. They blow the hair all over the place, create frizz, and cause damage. Air drying is the healthiest option for your hair of course, but can take hours and leave hair limp and flat.

I've been using a diffuser attachment on my blow dryer to dry my curls for a while now, but it's taken me years of practice to nail down a routine that works well for me, and I'm always tweaking it! I'm sharing some tips and tricks I've learned to diffuse curly hair, without creating frizz or damage.

  1. Blot soaking wet hair using a anti-friction towel (not a regular bath towel!). I use the Hair Repear Ultimate Hair Towel.
  2. Apply styling products. I used:
    DevaCurl B'Leave In
    BounceCurl Light Cream Gel
    DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel
  3. Wrap or "plop" hair up in the towel for 20-30 minutes to absorb excess moisture and keep hair from getting too dry
  4. Flip hair upside down, gather hair into the diffuser, and push upwards towards your scalp. I Used:
    BioIonic Universal Diffuser Attachment
    CHI Miss Universe Blow Dryer
  5. Slowly pull the diffuser back before gathering more hair and lifting
  6. For the underneath layers, tilt hair to the side and gather curls into the diffuser and push up
  7. Continue gently until hair is mostly dry
  8. Finish with the cold air setting to seal the cuticle and prevent frizz
  9. Add gel or other styling product to add hold to frizzy areas

Tips to avoid frizz and add volume:
  • Work slowly and avoid "roughing" up or shaking your hair with your diffuser
  • Don't continue diffusing over areas that are already fully dried. This blows the product off your hair and can cause frizz (oftentimes you'll see what looks like smoke coming off your hair, it's just the product blowing off)
  • Go into your hair with the diffuser from the underside of your hair in sections, so that there's less frizz created on the top layer
  • Place the teeth of the diffuser at your roots on top, lift, and hold to create volume
  • Lift hair in sections and diffuse in between layers
  • Finish off with a light hold gel on areas that appear frizzy or undefined
  • Once hair is completely dry, flip hair upside down and shake/fluff gently to soften the "cast" from any gel and create volume

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