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Best Self Tanner: Sun Goddess Self Tanning Mousse Review & How to Apply Step by Step

Sunday, July 08, 2018

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How to Apply Self Tanner - Step by Step

Today I'm sharing my full self tanning routine, which includes:

  • How to prep your skin for self tanner
  • How to apply self tanner, step by step
  • How to self tan your back
  • Tips for self tanning tricky areas
  • How to maintain your tan and make it last longer
  • How to remove self tanner
  • Sun Goddess Self Tanning Mousse review <--10% off with code GlamMeUp8
Sun Goddess has been a favorite of mine for a long time, and I used to use their lotion formula. It always got me super dark, but lotion can be tough to apply. Mousse is by far my favorite form of self tanner, and the Sun Goddess Self Tanning Mousse is the best self tanner by far that I have tried. 

It's tough to find a self tanner that does it all, but this one surprisingly is easy to apply, doesn't smell, dries quickly, tans fast, gets dark, lasts long, and fades evenly. Sounds unreal, right?! You have to give it a try! 

Even better- it's only $17.99 with my discount code GlamMeUp8

Now for how to apply the Sun Goddess Self Tanning Mousse:
  1. Exfoliate: Soak in the tub or take a hot shower to soften your skin. Use an exfoliating cloth or body scrub to buff away dead skin and old self tanner
  2. Shave: Shave your legs if needed, because shaving after your tan is on can remove it
  3. Moisturize dry areas: Apply a body butter ONLY to areas where you don't want it to cling to, such as elbows, hands, and feet
  4. Apply: Pump a few pumps of the mousse directly on the mitt and buff in circular motions. Do not apply too much to hand and feet, rather gently blend over them with what's left on your mitt. To self tan the center of your back, apply the mousse to the back of your hand and reach around, then switch to your other hand and reach around to blend the other side.
  5. Blot: With a damp washcloth, gently buff over elbows, knuckles, and toes to remove any excess.
  6. Sleep: Wear it to bed! Tan will develop in a few hours, but I like to wait at least 6 or so.
  7. Wash: Shower the next morning and remove the bronzer layer gently with body wash or soap
  8. Moisturize: Apply your favorite lotion to maintain your tan. Skip this if you plan to re-apply for darker coverage.
  9. Reapply: If needed repeat Step 4-7 the next night for a deeper tan. Apply another coat to clean skin.
  10. Maintain: Keep your skin moisturized and avoid long hot showers or baths. You can reapply throughout the week if tan begins to fade. Tan will last about 7-8 days. Follow Step 1 to remove tan.
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