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VIDEO: Affordable Farmhouse Christmas Decor + DIY Farmhouse Stocking Toppers

Thursday, December 06, 2018

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Farmhouse Christmas Decor Greenery in Vase

Farmhouse Chirstmas Tree

Affordable Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Farmhouse Christmas Stockings Knit with Bows DIY

Farmhouse Sink Christmas Garland Wreath

Farmhouse Christmas Florals

Farmhouse Porch Christmas Trees in Olive Buckets

After an outpouring of love and support on my Brand New House Tour video, I knew I just HAD to make a video for y'all all about how I decorated for Christmas on a budget. I'm sharing affordable farmhouse style Christmas decor, and a super easy DIY for farmhouse knit stocking toppers using ribbon and greenery.

I've had so much decorating the new house for the holidays, but getting all new stuff can be so pricey. This bargain hunter never pays full price, so I wanted to share some of the awesome steals I've gotten from Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Home Goods, and Wayfair.

Items Shown:

DIY Farmhouse Stocking Topper

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Stocking Toppers
This is so easy, and requires just a few items! I got this idea from one of my favorite Instagram accounts- @blessed_ranch. She has the cutest farmhouse DIYs on a budget!

Items you need:
Safety Pin
Hobby Lobby White & Red Striped Ribbon - 3/8" - $2
Knit Christmas stockings (I got a set of 4) - $27
  1. Cut ribbon to the length you want, and tie into a bow
  2. Pull a greenery stem off the pine spray and puncture the safety pin through
  3. Place the bow through the safety pin
  4. Pin onto the top corner of the stocking and adjust the bow to cover the pin
That's it! It's literally takes just a minute or two per stocking. You can use any variation of greenery or box, and add to it. I think jingle bells would be super cute on it too! :)

Check out the playlist here for more home related videos!


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