VIDEO: Bathroom Drawer Organization on a Budget | Spring Declutter & Get Organized: GetGlammedUp - Everyday Beauty, Simplified

VIDEO: Bathroom Drawer Organization on a Budget | Spring Declutter & Get Organized

Sunday, March 17, 2019

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Today we're kicking off a new series on my channel called Spring Declutter & Get Organized where I take you through various areas of my house that are lookin' a hot mess. We're decluttering, purging, and spring cleaning to get things in order. Spring is my favorite time to deep clean and re-organize my house, and with the warmer weather approaching, it's so motivating! Hopefully this series will inspire you to tackle those problem areas in your house and simplify your home.

Even better - we're doing it all on a budget! Y'all know me. I'll be sharing tips and tricks to organize without breaking the bank.

For today's video, we're starting off in my master bath. If you saw my Brand New Farmhouse House Tour, you may remember the amazing space we have in our master bathroom. However big drawers = cramming them with more junk.

I wanted to find affordable clear drawer organizers that would fill the entire drawer and fit snug so they wouldn't move around.

Here's what I got:

Watch the video above to see how to declutter and organize your bathroom drawers, start to finish.

Tips and Tricks:
  • Measure the entire drawer, and write down the measurements
  • Draw it out on paper to ensure you are utilizing every inch
  • Line the drawer with textured contact paper so containers don't slide around
  • Remove all items, categorize, purge, and wipe down messy products
  • Place items in the compartments by type
  • Keep most used items up front

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