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VIDEO: How to Get Volume, Prevent Flat Roots, & the Triangle Shape with Curly Hair

Sunday, January 05, 2020

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The triangle-shaped hair cut - every curly girl's nightmare. Everyone has had this shape to their hair at some point, whether it was from your hair cut, how you styled your hair, or just from simply having fine hair. I have low density fine hair, which makes it difficult for me to achieve volume and big hair. I often get product buildup, and heavy products weigh down my roots.

Today I'm sharing tons of tips and tricks to prevent flat roots and create volume. These can be used no matter what your curl type is.
  • Get a haircut with long layers, or a Deva Cut to improve your shape. Cutting off dead ends can also give you a volume boost. More on curly haircuts here.
  • Remove buildup from oil, heavy products, and silicones by clarifying often. Watch this video to learn how to clarify and prevent oily roots
  • Use lightweight silicone-free products, and avoid thick butter creams and oils. More on silicones and the Curly Girl Method here.
  • Avoid applying conditioner or styling creams directly to your roots
  • Try conditioning your hair before you shampoo
  • Rinse your hair upside down and comb hair forward with fingers
  • Use a mousse at the roots to boost volume
  • Apply styling products upside down, combing hair forward and scrunch
  • Avoid creating a defined part. Instead, zig-zag your part to lift your roots
  • Use a Denman brush when your hair is wet, after you've applied styling products, to direct your hair up and back, and create lift at the crown
  • Diffuse your hair upside down. Use the diffuser teeth to lift your roots and hold for a few seconds. Set the dryer to cold air to set.
  • Fluff/shake your roots with your fingers once hair is 100% dry, or use a hair pick
  • Lift roots and hairspray to provide hold at the root
  • When refreshing, wet your roots and diffuse using the diffuser teeth to add volume back
  • Use a dry shampoo or scalp refresher

Products Used:
-Talk-Through Winter Wash Day Routine, Testing Miche Beauty

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  1. This video is great! I have very similar hair to yours and this video has helped me get much more volume. Thank you so much Gena!


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