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VIDEO: DEVACURL DUPES & Cheaper Alternatives

Sunday, February 09, 2020

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If you've seen the buzz online the past few weeks about DevaCurl, many people have been sharing stories about hair loss, damage to their hair, and scalp issues that they believe are attributed to the products.
I'm not interested in speculating about why this is happening or getting involved with any negativity, however many of you have asked me about my thoughts on the situation, and what other curly hair brands that I recommend using. I have featured them so much in the past because I truly liked their products, so I feel as though it is necessary to address it and help provide a solution for you.

I have never experienced any damage to my hair from DevaCurl however after the overwhelming claims recently, I do not feel comfortable continuing to use them at this time and want to play it safe.
I am very sorry if any of you have experienced negative reactions to their products, and I want to provide you with alternatives that I have tried before and love. I hope there are answers for everyone soon, and those that are suffering from damage will find relief.

In order to find some alternative products, I dug through my collection and read countless ingredient labels to try and find some similarities to the most liked DevaCurl products.

I had planned to do this video anyways as part of the Curly Haircare for Beginners playlist, because I wanted to provide some cheaper alternatives and drugstore dupes for DevaCurl. However, I decided to just focus on which products gave me the most similar, if not better results, whether they are drugstore or higher end.

Some of these alternative product suggestions are not "all natural" or completely preservative free. Many people have expression concern for the various preservatives and chemicals that are often found in products, and some are interested in switching to all natural products only. However at this time, I am focusing on providing the closest product alternatives, and did not exclude products that contain preservatives, fragrance, etc. If this is something that you are interested in seeing, I can do more research to find brands that are strictly natural.
As always, do research before you buy, and know what you are using.

Now, into my DevaCurl dupes! Watch the video above to hear about why I chose these products.

*Products listed as a "dupe" contain very close ingredient lists, and "alternative" contain similar ingredients that have worked in the same way for me.*

No Poo & One Condition alternative:
  • Not Your Mother's Curl Talk Shampoo - Ulta or Target
  • Not Your Mother's Curl Talk 3-in-1 Conditioner - Ulta or Target
Build Up Buster dupe:
  • Carol's Daughter Wash Day Delight Water to Foam Micellar Shampoo - Amazon or Target
Deep Sea Repair alternative:
  • Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque - Target
Melt Into Moisture alternative:
Wave Maker alternative:
  • Not Your Mother's Curl Talk Cream - Ulta or Target
Styling Cream dupe:
B'Leave In:
  • Unfortunately I do not know of an alternative of this product, but please comment below if you know of one!
SuperCream alternative:
Light Defining Gel dupe:
  • Not Your Mother's Curl Talk Gel - Ulta or Target
Ultra Defining Gel & The Curl maker alternatives:
  • Dippity Do Girls with Curls Gelée - TJMaxx/Marshall's or Amazon
  • OUIDAD Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Stronger Hold Gel - Amazon or Ulta
More product suggestions on my Amazon store.

Watch my recent video on How to Find the Right Products for your Curl Type - for Beginners to learn more.

Devacurl Dupes & Cheaper Alternatives

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  1. Thank you for the video and compiling this list! Have you ever found anything like the DEVACURL Super Stretch Coconut Curl Elongator?

  2. Thank you for this, found you on YouTube searching for Deva Curl info - I also don't need the negativity and conjecture in my life about the product I love and must now reconsider. My scalp is flaky and itchy. I'm going to look into your suggestions.
    Again, thank you - I'll be following you.
    God bless.

  3. Have you found an alternative to the devacurl flexible hold hairspray?


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