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VIDEO: How to Find the Right Products for Your Curl Type - for Beginners

Sunday, January 19, 2020
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This is a big one y'all, and packed with information. Today's topic is all about how to select the best curly hair products for your curl type, porosity, weather, and more. There are so many factors that can affect curly hair, it's like solving a puzzle when shopping for products. I'm here to simplify it for you the best I can, so in the video I included lots of text and visuals to help outline it.

Here are the steps to finding the right products:

Step 1: Learn your curl type & porosity

Curl Type
First determine your curl's pattern or texture. I don't think it's necessary to stress over classifying it by A, B, or C, because we naturally have a combination of many patterns. However knowing whether it is wavy, curly, or coily/kinky is key.


Hair Porosity
Hair porosity is defined by how well your hair can absorb and retain moisture. This is one of the biggest influences on how your hair behaves. There are several test out there, but I think watching for signs is the most accurate way to determine your hair's porosity.


Signs of Low Porosity Hair
  • You often get build up from products
  • Your hair takes a long time to dry
  • Water beads on the surface of your hair, and takes a while to become saturated
  • Protein treatments can make your hair feel straw-like
Signs of Normal Porosity Hair:
  • Hair feels balanced, and is not too dry or weighed down
  • You can use many types of products and have consistent results
  • Humidity doesn't impact your hair
  • You have not bleached or colored your hair
  • Your hair is shiny and bouncy
Signs of High Porosity Hair:
  • Hair is often very frizzy
  • Very sensitive to humidity
  • Hair can appear dull
  • Hair tangles very easily
  • Hair dries fast
  • Absorbs water quickly, and soaks up product
  • Hair responds well to protein treatments (restores bounce & shine)

Step 2: Determine your climate
Did you know the climate you live in directly affects your hair? The biggest influence is dew points and humidity, or how much water is in the air. This is why people often change up their styling routines as the seasons change, to accommodate dry winter hair and humid summer weather.

When should you avoid glycerin ingredients and other humectants?

  • Dew points below 30°F (-1° C)
  • Dew points above 60°F (16°C)

If you're lucky enough to live in a climate that oftentimes falls between the dew points above (think California), then you can use a variety of ingredients, including glycerin.

Weather apps like The Weather Channel will tell you the dew point when looking at the detailed forecast.

You can also check out the helpful Frizz Forecast tool from for more on how your daily weather will impact your hair.

Step 3: Know the Essential Product Types
I've covered this topic more in the video I did on How to Apply Products in the Right Order.

Basically, the essentials you will need:
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Stylers: leave-in conditioner, curl cream, gel or mousse
Other products:
  • Deep conditioner (I think this actually an essential)
  • Clarifying shampoo
  • Oils
  • Hairspray

Step 4: Research Online & Read Product Ingredients
If you wish to follow the Curly Girl Method, it can be overwhelming learning all the scientific terms and recognizing sulfates, silicones, and alcohol ingredients to avoid. I like using, where you can copy/paste the ingredients list and it will tell you if it's approved. I usually copy the ingredients list from the product description.
Watch this video to learn how to start the Curly Girl Method

Step 5: Select Your Products
Shopping online makes it easy to research and filter products based on hair type. also has a shop that has filters for hair type, ingredients, etc.

I also have my Amazon store, where I add all my favorite products to one place so you can always shop my stash. The products on there are always CGM approved.

Keep in mind, that not all products that are listed as "sulfate free" are also silicone free, and vice versa. Also, products labeled as "naturally derived" or for "textured hair" do not mean they are free of those ingredients. Always check the ingredient label!

Now I'm sure you're wondering, what products do I recommend? I'm going to list some of my favorite affordable, drugstore brands.
Helpful chart if you're shopping Shea Moisture:

How to Find the Right Products for your Curl Type

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VIDEO: 3 Ways to Refresh Curly Hair - Full Week of Refreshing

Monday, January 13, 2020
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Refreshing naturally curly hair is one of the biggest challenges I always hear from y'all, and it's something we all struggle with when trying to preserve our stye. Many of you have asked how to sleep with your curls at night, how to refresh next day hair, and go longer in between washes. Today I'm taking you through my wash day routine and how I refresh my curls each day through day 4.

Products Used:
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How to Refresh Curly Hair

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VIDEO: How to Get Volume, Prevent Flat Roots, & the Triangle Shape with Curly Hair

Sunday, January 05, 2020
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The triangle-shaped hair cut - every curly girl's nightmare. Everyone has had this shape to their hair at some point, whether it was from your hair cut, how you styled your hair, or just from simply having fine hair. I have low density fine hair, which makes it difficult for me to achieve volume and big hair. I often get product buildup, and heavy products weigh down my roots.

Today I'm sharing tons of tips and tricks to prevent flat roots and create volume. These can be used no matter what your curl type is.
  • Get a haircut with long layers, or a Deva Cut to improve your shape. Cutting off dead ends can also give you a volume boost. More on curly haircuts here.
  • Remove buildup from oil, heavy products, and silicones by clarifying often. Watch this video to learn how to clarify and prevent oily roots
  • Use lightweight silicone-free products, and avoid thick butter creams and oils. More on silicones and the Curly Girl Method here.
  • Avoid applying conditioner or styling creams directly to your roots
  • Try conditioning your hair before you shampoo
  • Rinse your hair upside down and comb hair forward with fingers
  • Use a mousse at the roots to boost volume
  • Apply styling products upside down, combing hair forward and scrunch
  • Avoid creating a defined part. Instead, zig-zag your part to lift your roots
  • Use a Denman brush when your hair is wet, after you've applied styling products, to direct your hair up and back, and create lift at the crown
  • Diffuse your hair upside down. Use the diffuser teeth to lift your roots and hold for a few seconds. Set the dryer to cold air to set.
  • Fluff/shake your roots with your fingers once hair is 100% dry, or use a hair pick
  • Lift roots and hairspray to provide hold at the root
  • When refreshing, wet your roots and diffuse using the diffuser teeth to add volume back
  • Use a dry shampoo or scalp refresher

Products Used:
How to Get Volume, Prevent Flat Roots & the Triangle Shape with Curly Hair

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VIDEO: Talk-Through Winter Wash Day Routine, Testing Miche Beauty

Sunday, December 29, 2019
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Sunday's wash day routines usually involve testing new products, treatments, and trial and error because I have more time to experiment. Y'all seemed to enjoy the last Sunday wash day routine video where I talked through what products and treatments I decided to do based on how my hair was feeling.

Today my hair was feeling very dry, tangly, and my scalp was more oily than usual. When I experience an imbalance in moisture, I like doing an apple cider vinegar rinse to clarify and balance my hair's pH. I'm also testing out the Miche Intense Moisture products, using a deep conditioner and styling butter. This routine focuses on moisture for dry winter hair, and creating volume for fine hair while using heavy products.

Products Used:
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-A Message for You + DevaCurl Giveaway

VIDEO: ❤️ A Message for You ❤️ + HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY

Sunday, December 22, 2019
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Words cannot express how thankful I am to have each and every one of you as curl-friends! I wanted to spread some holiday cheer and give back for all of your support along this journey, and wish you a very merry Christmas and happy new year!

I created my blog way back in 2009... wait, it's been 10 YEARS?! That's insane. It's evolved over the last decade and I truly feel like y'all are my tribe. I've been sharing much more hair content the past year, and I've been amazed at the response in this supportive curly hair community. I love sharing my journey to healthy hair with y'all, and teaching you along the way. My blog and YouTube channel is not about me, but it's about YOU and how I can help by being the best resource I can.

Again, THANK YOU! I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do.

One lucky winner will receive the DevaCurl Share the Curly Love kit, containing:

-DevaCurl No Poo
-DevaCurl One Condition Original
-DevaCurl Set it Free mini size
-DevaCurl Light Defining Gel mini size

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-How to Apply Curly Hair Products in the Right Order - Step by Step Routine

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