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VIDEO: Realistic Week Night Routine - Work Night Vlog

Sunday, August 11, 2019
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I wanted to switch it up for today's video, and bring you along my typical evening routine for a work night. It's a challenge every day to squeeze in a workout, cooking, and relaxing while also getting to bed at a decent time. I wanted to share a realistic look at what my evenings look like, so I hope you enjoy! I share several tips for working out with curly hair, my night time skincare routine, and share a bit of my precious puppies, Holly and Chloe. Hope you enjoy!

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-How to Prevent Frizzy Hair

VIDEO: How to Prevent Frizzy Hair - Causes of Frizzy Curls

Sunday, July 28, 2019
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Frizz is one thing I can guarantee that EVERYONE with curly hair battles. It's totally normal, and is the nature of naturally curly hair. Depending on your hair type and health of your hair, some may have it worse than others. There are several common causes of frizzy curly hair that I'm going to share with you today, along with tons of tips to prevent frizzy hair.

Causes of frizz and how to prevent it

  • Dryness: Curly hair is more prone to getting dry compared to other hair types due to the coil shape, preventing your scalps natural oils from traveling down the strand. Hair that is damaged from hot tools, hair color, bleaching, etc. is likely to be dry and frizzy. Shampoos with sulfate ingredients will also dry your hair out. If your hair feels like straw and tangly after you wash it, you're likely using the wrong shampoo for curls. More on that in this video here.
    How to prevent dry curly hair: DEEP CONDITION - your best friend. Use deep conditioners/hair masks weekly. Consistency is important here. I did a video here on How to Deep Condition Curly Hair for Beginners.
  • Over washing: I recommend only washing your hair 2x a week or less, depending on how oily your hair is. Using a refreshing product like the DevaCurl DevaFresh will help freshen up the scalp.
  • Breakage & fly-aways: I did a video here all about the common causes of tangles and breakage. So many similar tips to this post, but I share many ways to prevent breakage.
  • Raised or open hair cuticle: Having high-porosity hair means the cuticle (protein layer) of your hair is damaged and does not lay flat, allowing moisture to escape and not easily be retained.
    How to repair damaged hair cuticle: Protein treatments and Olaplex. Using hair masks and styling products that contain protein ingredients will help strengthen your hair. Be mindful to not over-do it, because too much protein can lead to brittle hair. Always balance protein treatments with moisture.
    DevaCurl Deep Sea Repair is my favorite protein-based deep conditioner.
    Olaplex No. 3 is one of the best products for repairing the hair's cuticle by reconnecting broken disulfide sulfur bonds. More on that in this video.
  • Silicone build up: Silicone is a common ingredient that can tame frizz, however it create a barrier on the hair that build up over time, preventing moisture from entering and leading to dryness, limp hair, and frizz. More on what ingredients to avoid for the Curly Girl Method here.
    How to remove silicone build up: Clarify using raw apple cider vinegar or a sulfate shampoo to remove silicones. Make sure the shampoo is silicone-free (use sparingly and always follow up with a moisturizing mask).
  • Not using styling products. Styling products like curl creams, gels and mousse are designed to give us definition and hold. Gels tend to provide the most hold to tame frizz because they give you that gel cast. Simply using a leave-in conditioner or oil likely won't do the trick for preventing frizz.
  • Improperly applying stylers. There are unlimited ways to apply curly hair products, and I did a video here on 4 different methods. Try out different techniques and see what works for you.
  • Improperly drying your hair. Some prefer to air dry, some love to diffuse. Find which method works for you. I prefer to diffuse because I have the least amount of frizz. For both methods, it's important to not touch your hair while it's drying which will cause frizz.
  • Not protecting your hair while you sleep. Everyone with curly hair should have a satin or silk pillowcase, or sleep with your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet. I prefer both a satin pillowcase and a bonnet. With just a satin pillowcase, you should also wear your hair up in a loose ponytail using a scrunchy on top of your had to protect your curls.
Watch the rest of the Curly Haircare for Beginners video series for more.

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-Full Face Drugstore Makeup WITHOUT Foundation - Summer Tutorial

VIDEO: Full Face Drugstore Makeup WITHOUT Foundation - Summer Tutorial

Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Nothing is worse than foundation melting off your skin in the hot summer weather. It's almost 100 degrees here today, and very very humid. I love going makeup-free in the summer, but when I want to glam up my look I like to make as minimal and long-lasting as possible. Today I'm sharing how you can achieve a full-face makeup look without using foundation. I share tips for evening out your skin tone without looking cakey, conceal any blemishes, and get glowy summer skin.

Products Used:
    Brushes & Tools Used:
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    Natural, Feathered Brows Tutorial

    Drugstore Summer Makeup without Foundation

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    -How to Get Curlier Hair Naturally

    VIDEO: How to Make Hair Curlier - 10 Tips for Tighter, Defined Curls

    Sunday, July 14, 2019

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    Today's video is part of my Curly Haircare for beginners playlist, where I break down how to take care of your curls in simplified steps, explain the basics, and provide tips for transitioning to your natural texture. Full video here on transitioning tips.

    When you stop damaging your hair with heat and chemicals, you will be amazed at the curl pattern that you have naturally. It's a long process to grow out your hair, and it takes patience. With following the Curly Girl Method, and implementing the tips I'm sharing today on how to make your hair curlier, your curls will come to life over time.

    These tips are also great for incorporating in your curly hair routine to get a more defined look and create ringlets. Beware, most of these tips will cause your hair to shrink up and appear shorter, but many prefer to have more defined curls over length.

    Before & after curly haircut

    1. Get a trim. This is a big one! Just look at how much tighter my curls were last time I got a trim. Without those dead ends and tangles weighing down my hair, my curls are able to shrink up.

    2. Use Olaplex No. 3, one of my holy grail hair products. I've done a few video on this already you can find here and here (1 year later). Essentially this product repairs the broken bonds in your hair's cuticle, which encourages your curl pattern to tighten up.

    Before & after Olaplex No. 3

    3. Clarify to remove build up. Over time, curls can easily get weighed down with silicones and hair products. Cleansing with a clarifying shampoo, apple cider vinegar, or a sulfate shampoo every once in a while will give you a deep clean.

    4. Deep condition once a week, consistently. Moisturized curls are healthy curls! Use a mask that contains protein to strengthen and create definition. Be mindful of protein overload though, which can make hair too hard and brittle. Always balance protein treatments with moisture-based deep conditioners and stylers. Click here to watch How to Deep Condition Curly Hair for Beginners.

    5. Twist and finger coil your hair to train your curls. I love doing this when I'm applying Olaplex or deep conditioners.

    6. Use styling products labeled as "curl defining" or "curl enhancing" that contain ingredients such as:
    • Flaxseed
    • Slippery Elm
    • Aloe Vera
    • Hydrolyzed wheat protein
    • Hydrolyzed rice protein
    7. Use the Denman brush when applying products to create ringlets. Angle the brush down like you would when using a curling wand as you glide down the strand. As the hair wraps around the edge of the brush, it smooths curls to create cork-screw ringlets.

    8. Scrunch products into your hair when it's soaking wet with your hands, and/or scrunch using a cotton towel or t-shirt.

    9. Plop curls using a Hair RePear Towel or t-shirt before diffusing. This encourage more definition and volume compared to air drying, where curls can be weighed down by gravity. Click here to watch How to Plop Curly Hair.

    10. Diffuse hair with a diffuser that has long prongs/teeth on it. Flip upside down and cup hair into the diffuser, pressing up towards your scalp. Or, flip hair upside down and "plop" over a flat surface, hovering the diffuser around your head. 

    Products and tools shown in the video:
    How to get tighter, more defined curls

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    how to

    VIDEO: EASY Waterproof Winged Eyeliner Tutorial using Pencil Liner

    Sunday, July 07, 2019
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    Winged eyeliner can be so challenging for everyone, and it can really slow down your routine when you're getting ready. Liquid liner is the least forgiving, and one small move can ruin your makeup look. Pencil eyeliner has been my go-to for years as I try to simplify and reduce the time it take me to do my makeup for work.

    I still love the look of winged eyeliner, but I prefer a natural, thin wing to help make my small hooded eyes look larger and more awake. In this tutorial, I share how to apply pencil eyeliner to achieve a soft, natural wing.

    I have found the best waterproof eyeliner pencils to be the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils because they're smudge proof and long-lasting. Liner color used for this look is "Demolition." Also mentioned: Zero, Roach, & Love Drug.

    How to apply winged liner for beginners using pencil

    1. Start by dotting/dabbing the pencil liner on the upper lid, very close to your lash line. Avoid dragging the liner across your lid and making a full line.
    2. Using a Sigma Flat Definer Brush, buff the liner into the lash line to create a soft, thin line. Avoid going too close to the inner corner. Smudge the liner into the lashes as you go towards the inner corner, versus applying a line on top.
    3. Place the pencil in the outer corner of the eye and lightly create a wing pointing towards the end of your brow. Use the brush to soften the line and extend the wing if needed.
    4. Lightly line the lower lash line (under/within the lashes). Avoid going too far into the inner corner. Smudge the lower liner gently with the brush. 
    5. Using a bit of liner on the brush, connect the lower lash line to the wing.
    6. Optional: clean up the bottom of the wing using a Sigma Concealer Brush and a bit of concealer or foundation.

    EASY Waterproof Winged Eyeliner Tutorial using Pencil Liner

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