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VIDEO: How to Apply Curly Hair Products & Techniques Explained

Sunday, May 05, 2019
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Those with naturally curly hair understand how much different your hair can look each time you wash it. There are SO many factors that affect how your wash day turns out. Today I'm sharing 4 product application techniques, how to style curly hair, and the differences in there results from each method.

How to Apply Curly Hair Products

Super Defined Curls: This style is the longest lasting of the 4, has the most hold, and no frizz. Using a gel is ideal for that gel cast, but you can also achieve this look with mousse. This method oftentimes doesn't give much volume, but can be fluffed out. Shrinkage is also more common with tighter curl results. It's ideal for those who live in humid climates and struggle with frizz.
  • Section off hair and apply products evenly to each strand.
  • Brush product through with the Denman Brush for maximum definition
  • Finger coil individual curls

Volume + Definition: Sounds impossible right?! This routine uses a cream first, topped with a gel on the outer later of hair, allowing for some frizz to form on the inside layer to add volume. Curls are softer, chunkier, and still defined in some areas. Click here for the full routine using DevaCurl.
  • Apply a cream to wet hair upside down. Rake product through from root to ends.
  • Brush upside down to smooth down frizz
  • Apply a gel overtop, focusing on the outside layers

Volume + Length: Ever heard of the praying hands method? This gives volume while stretching the curls to prevent shrinkage. Similar to the previous method, less product is applied to the inside layer, allowing for some frizz for volume. I used mousse here, but this method could be done with any product type.
  • Apply product to your hands, and smooth hair between your palms to reduce frizz. 
  • Scrunch with your hands or cotton towel

Quick & Easy: If you prefer a quicker routine, this method is simple and easy to achieve. Results will vary depending on your hair type and the product type. For me, I typically get some definition but not as much volume or shrinkage.
  • Rake product through your hair while smoothing frizz
  • Scrunch with product on your hands or with a cotton towel

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VIDEO: Curly Hair Routine using DevaCurl for VOLUME + DEFINITION

Sunday, April 28, 2019
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Volume AND definition in curly hair?! Sounds impossible right? I've finally mastered the best curly hair routine for volume and definition using DevaCurl products so I just had to share. DevaCurl is a brand I've loved for so long, but I've struggled in the past with finding that perfect routine with long-lasting hold. In this video, I share a few tips and tricks for smoothing frizz, getting more defined curls, and adding volume for fine curly hair.

Products Used:

DevaCurl Hair Routine for Volume + Definition

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VIDEO: Causes of Tangles/Frizz in Curly Hair & How to Prevent Tangles

Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Anyone with textured hair has struggled with tangles and frizz, especially if you're transitioning from heat damage to wearing your hair naturally curly. Curly hair is extremely fragile compared to straight hair, and can get knotted up very easily. Detangling can be tough and lead to breakage and frizz.
Today I'm sharing several common causes of tangles, fairy knots, and frizz. I am also sharing a few tips and tricks on how to prevent tangles in curly hair.

Products & tools mentioned:
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Causes of Tangles & Frizz in Curly Hair

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VIDEO: Under Bathroom Sink Organization & Spring Declutter, Hair Products & Skincare

Sunday, April 14, 2019
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Today we're continuing the Spring Declutter & Get Organized series, and tackling under my bathroom sinks. If you saw my Brand New Farmhouse Tour, you'll see we have a large master bathroom vanity. With so much storage, it's easy for things to get chaotic and unorganized quick. I wanted to find a better way to utilize the amount of storage we have, and be able to stack drawers vertically to get more storage. I also was trying to find the best way to store my blow dryer and diffuser, which can occupy a lot of space.

The stackable drawers I found were much cheaper and perfect dupes for the Container Store Like-It system, and function just as well.

Items Used:

How to Organize Under Your Bathroom Sink

How to Organize Under Your Bathroom Sink

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VIDEO: Not Your Mother's Curl Talk MOUSSE Review & Routine

Sunday, April 07, 2019
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The Not Your Mother's Curl Talk line are new curly girl method approved products from the drugstore, that are sulfate and silicone-free. It can be so hard to find affordable CGM friendly products from the drugstore, so I was so excited when these came out.

I've recently been on the hunt for the best mousse for curly hair, that doesn't dry out my hair or make it crunchy. I like the lightweight hold that mousse provides, and it's great for adding volume to fine curly or wavy hair.

Today I'm sharing how to apply the Not Your Mother's Curl Talk Curl Activation Mousse, and doing a full review on my 3b, fine curly hair. I first did my deep conditioning routine that you can learn how to do here.

I was impressed by my results in how defined my curls were while still having so much volume. The shine was insane as well! Only thing I wish was that it was longer lasting because I had a bit of frizz at the end of the day. If you want to see how I refreshed on Day 3 hair using the Curl Talk Mouse, check out my saved Instagram story highlights.

You can find the mousse at Ulta here for only $7.99

Other products shown:

Not Your Mother's Curl Talk Curl Activating Mousse Review

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