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Big Wavy Curls

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Hey guys! I am going to show you all an easy technique to get big curls. I have naturally curly hair so I have to use a straightener on the roots and a curling iron too. This process on my hair usually take 2 hours, but I have a lot of hair. *This works best with hair with long layers. 1. Dry your hair after washing it. Section your hair off in 3 sections, starting with the bottom layer. Since my hair is thick and curly, I don't brush it at all when I blow dry it because it gets huge and puffy and only causes more breakage. But if your hair is straight, you can brush it while blow drying it. Make sure it is completely dry so the curls will hold. 2. Next section your hair again but in smaller sections and start at the bottom. I usually take 2 in wide sections, but thin, at a time. Spray the individual sections with heat protectant and comb it. I only apply it to the ends because my hair gets flat if i spray it all over. 3. If your hair is curly, straighten the roots about 1 1/2 inches down. I use Paul Mitchell's straightening iron: 4. The important part: Clamp your hair in the iron staring at the top of the strand at wrap it a few times, holding the end with your other hand. Then slide the iron down until the end is in it and roll it back up and hold it for a few seconds. The longer you hold it, the tighter the curls. (If you start at the tip of the strand and wrap it all the way to the roots the top of your hair is not touching the iron and hitting the heat directly. By starting at the roots and pulling it down to the tips, it insures that all the hair gets even heat.) *If you hold the iron vertically facing up, you will have more spiral curls. If you hold it horizontally they will be more like waves. I use Hellen of Troy 1 1/2 inch iron. It does good for only being around $30 at Salley Beauty Supply. 5. Continue this on each section working your way to the top layer. Curl each strand the opposite direction as the last. Like if the first strand is curled towards your face do the next curled back. This will make texture and keep the curls from grouping together making one big wave. I like to curl the front pieces back so it is flipped back out of my face. Or you can curl them towards your face to frame your face. 6. Spray each section with hairspray right away to make sure each layer holds. Flip your hair upside down, shake it, and spray it all over. Flip it back up and use your fingers to piece it apart and style it, then spray again. I use Panteen Volumizing Hairspray. *DO NOT brush it. This will pull the curls apart. Then your done! Comment if you tried this look or if you have your own technique you want to share. Also post a picture if you tried it out! XOXO, Gena

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