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Sunday, December 13, 2009

This is just a quick Outfit of the Day for you all.
I have been really into scarves this season and leggings with big shirts.
My shirt is from Old Navy. Its tan with flowy sleeves and elastic around the hips. I couldn't find it on the website but they may still have it in the store. I got it a few months ago.
Ckick here for Old Navy
My navy leggings are from Charlotte Russe. I love the bottom of them the have little buttons, but you can see it with my boots.
Click here for Charlotte Russe
My scarf is from Abercrombie.
Click here for A&F
My boots are the Tan Tall Ugg boots.
Click here for Ugg
My belt is just a belt off of a blue plaid button down from Hollister.
Click here for HCO
My ring is a tan flower ring, but its hard to see. It is from Charlotte Russe too.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions!

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  1. Is it just me or is leggings back in style? I've seen several blogs of them as of late. That's cool because they look great on you!

  2. suppppperrr cute. my outfit totalllly looks like yours today!

    black leggings.
    && hat.


    I can't find my battery charger and im going INSANE!!! <3

  3. cuuuuute outfit! love the grayish leggings :) my mom just brought back a million back from korea but none of them are solid gunmetal color :( oh well, looks great on you!

  4. Yeah they look gray but they are really a dark navy color.
    And thanks!

  5. I have to comment on your hair, ohhhh so so beautiful, you should definitely wear it always like this, with all these gorgeous curls !!!!!! Just perfect :) I have a curly hair too(I'd say curlier than yours) , but has done the crazy thing of trying to make the curls looser and it turned out a disaster, completely lost the shape :( I had it cut half the length last week ( it was kind of in middle of my back), and now I'll have to wait till it grows longer again. At least, now, it is completely healthy.... xoxo


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