Purchases & Review- Sigma brushes, ELF, Coastal Scents: GetGlammedUp - Everyday Beauty, Simplified

Purchases & Review- Sigma brushes, ELF, Coastal Scents

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hi guys!
So my last update I was talking about some stuff I ordered and I have gotten it all in now. Except the nail polish rack, which hasn't even shipped yet-- I don't know what's up with that. But anyways the stuff that I got is:

Sigma 12 piece brush set!!!

-Pretty much a brush for everything
-Cleans well
-SUPER soft
-Well made
-Minimal shedding
-Good packaging
-Came with a brochure about the brushes
My favorite brushes are the concealer brush (SS194) and the shader brush (SS224).

-I don't really like the pencil crease brush (SS219). Maybe its just the eyeshadow that I'm using it with, but I don't know it just doesn't seem to blend well.

But these are awesome!
It was $76 with shipping and all. Its more if you get the brush roll.


I am in love with the Coastal Scents palette!

-Every color you'll ever need!
-Very pigmented
-Good formula
-Nice case
-Great packaging

-Small size (dime size)
-Not enough neutral shades
(I'm asking for the Neutral Palette for Christmas!!)
-Kinda hard to open (with acrylic nails)

Overall I defiantly recommend this and would make an awesome present!

Next thing i got was this Mini Eyelash Curler from ELF.
It is only like 1/2 an inch wide. This is good or the inner and outer hard to reach eyelashes.
The only thing I don't like about it is since its so small and doesn't go across your whole lash line you get a little gap where the metal edge separated them. Its hard to explain, but if you comb them afterwards or go over it with a regular curler they group back together.
This was only $3

Next I got the ELF Face Primer. It was $6.
-Makeup lasts longer
-Makeup goes on evenly
-Dries fast

-Smells bad
-Weird texture
-Small bottle

I have never used a face primer before so I am not sure exactly how it compares to others.
Last thing I got is the ELF Corrective Concealer. It was $3.
I was not too impressed with this product. It was hard to get any of it on my brush. Then the coverage was not very good with the green and pink. The green is not green enough.
The neutral shades covered well under my eyes but it settled in my pores under my eyes.
The creamy texture is nice though, but you have to swipe your brush back and forth a lot to pick it up.

I am going to continue using this but I will probably not buy it again.


Let me know if you have any questions about this stuff!
Tell me some blog request in the Mini Updates box on the left side--->

And perhaps a 100 follower giveaway coming?!?!?


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  1. Hello from Thailand! =D
    I also own a 88 Ultra Shimmer palette and LOVE them! =D


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