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The Ins and Outs of January

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hey everyone!
I'm going to be doing a In and Out post for every month-- so let me know if you like reading them!

-Snow!!! We have been getting so much snow this winter!
-My new hair highlights!
-Sally Hansen Complete  Manicure in Red Zin 610. I love them, I want to get them all!
-Coastal Scents blush palette. I have been using this like everyday since I got it.
-Loreal True Match liquid foundation. I never liked using liquid foundation because it felt heavy and clogged my face. But after a while with using mineral I decided to try it again and I love how it covers SO much better.
-Lindt Lindor Chocolates. I am LOVING these all of a sudden. They are so good. Its like a chocolate ball shell with creamy fudge on the inside. Awesome.

-Being sick! Having the flu over break was just not fun. Its like I feel better for a few days and then its back again.
-My hands being SUPER dry.  Like to the point of cracking. Winter coldness sucks. Anyone know a good hand cream?
-Exams are coming...
-How many more months of school?
-My nails constantly breaking. I am trying to grow them out and let them restore themselves after all the acrylics and they just wont budge.
-My ELF Face Primer. It doesn't seem to be doing much but breaking me out.
-Sally Hansen Color Quick Nail Color Pen. These suck! The color was uneven, brush- HORRIBLE, so hard to apply, wouldn't come out of the pen then exploded.
-Christmas break being over.
-Bootleg cut jeans. I've been leaning to the skinnies only.

Tell me what you recent In and Outs are.
And let me know feedback from the previous post :]


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  1. Hey dawl!

    I have sooo been wanting to get the coastal scents blush palette!! How is iit , do you recommend it ?

    my ins : big wavy natural hair :)

    out : my boring straight hair that i take forever to straighten and everyone is like awee i love your natural hair, you look sexier ! lol and im like hmm thanks ? haha

  2. Thanks for the tip on the nail pen - I was considering getting one but think I'll stick to regular nail polish...
    Snow is definitely one of my "ins" too :) Everything looks so pretty outside!

  3. Awww I know...I'm so sad that break's over!! It was great while it lasted tho. :) I love these Ins and Outs!

  4. I love these posts I havnt done one in ages CS blush palette looks sooo pretty I cant be with out my 88 palette might have to try this one soon :)


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