Outfit of the Day, Update, Giveaway, and what's to come for Glam-Me-Up!: GetGlammedUp - Everyday Beauty, Simplified

Outfit of the Day, Update, Giveaway, and what's to come for Glam-Me-Up!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I'm just going to start out with an Outfit of the Day then I want to talk about some stuff for Glam-Me-Up and the giveaway.

Top: Charlotte Russe Click here $22
It is hard to see in that picture but it is black with purple and beige flowers. It has flowy sleeves, is bunched at the waist and sheer fabric.
Tank: Target $10
Just a simple cami underneath since the top is so short.
Jeans: American Eagle Click here $30
Dark skinny jeans
Shoes: Forever21 I couldn't find the exact ones anymore but these are similar: Click here $35
Jewelry: I just had black earrings and a beige flower ring.

Comment if you have questions about anything.

So the first thing I wanted to ask you about is what you want to see more of. I want to know what everyone likes to read the most. Do you like tutorials, fashion, tips, reviews, or any other kind? I want to hear everyone's feedback so I can write about what everyone wants to hear! I like doing a little bit of everything and switching it up.

Another thing is series type entries. Like having a Fashion Fridays, In and Outs, Product Rave of the month, Face of the Day, etc. I've been doing the Nail of the Week but that is in the sidebar. Should I continue with it? Does everyone like it?

Also I want to do a 100 follower giveaway. But first I want to know how many people are going to enter it. I am at 94 followers right now and once I reach 100 I will start the giveaway. I need at least 10-20 people to enter to do the giveaway. So comment below telling me if you would enter the giveaway. Its free!

I'm thinking of a review on Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure so if you want to hear about that let me know.

Email me, comment, or type in the Mini Updates box in the sidebar and let me know your feedback & about the Giveaway! :]


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  1. I love the Charlotte Russe top that you had on there!

    As to your question, I find the nail colour of the week on the sidebar a very good idea - it's easy to see and it adds colour to your page! Giveaways? Who doesn't love giveaways? Ha ha!

  2. Haha yeah.. I just want to make sure i can get enough people to enter it before I get stuff.

  3. Oh, keep the nail polish of the week!! It is something cool on the blog. And about the giveaway, hmmm, let me think... Oh sure I would love that :) :)
    Once I reach my 100 I will definitely do one too (it is far, but, I am patient...lol :)

  4. great blog x


  5. Hi Gena
    your ideas are great. Keep them!
    Kiss from


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