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Review - Smooth Away Hair Remover

Saturday, January 23, 2010

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I'm sure you've all seen the dorky infomercials on the Smooth Away Hair Remover. I normally don't buy these little invention things people come out with, but it seemed interesting and shaving is such a pain. So I saw it at Walgreens for $10 one day and decided to try it out.

You can get this at any drugstore, Walmart, Target, and the Smooth Away website.

It comes with a two-pocketed holder, large handle and small handle, and the replacement pads. There is something in a bottle in the picture, but mine didn't come with that.

You stick the gray pads on the handle and put your hand through it, or finger. The pads feel like rubber and are smooth.
On the box it tells you to go in circular motions clockwise, then counterclockwise. But not to rub it too much. It recommends doing this when you get out of the shower when the hair is softer. Also it is recommended for the hair to be a little long, not just stubs. And they must be clean with no lotion.
My hair is pretty course on my legs so I thought it wasn't going to remove it. But surprisingly it did. However, only on certain parts of my legs. It also made my legs really smooth.
It pretty much rubs off the top layer of your skin. Kinda like exfoliating. It does not hurt though because the skin is pretty much dead. However, my legs looked paler afterwards because my tan was also on the top layer. 
The worst part was is it took FOREVER. I didn't even end up doing my whole legs. Shaving is SO much faster. You have to sit there and constantly buff away the hair until it comes off. And I found that by the time a got to the second leg it just wasn't removing the hair any more. I guess the pad got dull, I don't know. 
It also seemed to only remove the hair the best when I was going over the parts where my skin is the thinnest like on my shins. Under my calves just wasn't budging. I guess its because there's not enough pressure to rub it off. But the instructions say to press down lightly not hard. 
Also, the next day I got a rash from it. It just looked like tiny razor burn bumps. Not cute! I hardly ever get razor burn and my skin is not sensitive. I guess maybe if you continue using it, you eventually wouldn't get it anymore. 

Not worth the $10!!!

The only time I would recommend it maybe is if you have really fine hair. Or it would work on your arms, which I don't recommend ever removing the hair on your arms. Who wants prickly arms?
I'm not saying that this product is no good, but it didn't work for my hair. 
Shaving is much faster and gets all the hair!
Let me know if you have tried this product and if it has worked for you! Or if this was helpful.

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  1. AGREED!
    I tried this too, and had the same problem. Definitely not worth it.

    Great post! :)

  2. i tried this product when it first came out while i was in high school...almost 10 years ago.YIKES. It doesnt sound like they have made any improvements on the product, i had the same problem with not all the hair being removed,and i also notices the pad getting gunked up quickly and rendered unusable. ick.
    But it did make my skin sooo soft!

  3. it looks good , is it useful for men

  4. It works good for the peach fuzz above your lip:) Tht's about the only thing I use it for though so the rest goes to waste.
    All it is is sanding away your skin haha. But at least it makes it smooth:)


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