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St. Ives Apricot Scrub Review

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hey everyone!
As I said before, I was looking for a good facial scrub. Well I found one!
I love this!
I have been using for about a month now. It has just the right texture. It is not too harsh on my skin but is gritty enough to buff off the dead skin. It is very important to remove dead skin or it can clog pores and cause breakouts. Whenever I have a zit and treat it, I am always left with a dry, pealing spot. But when I use this it rubs it off and my skin is back to normal.
It also leaves my skin so soft! And it smells great. I got the Invigorating one which is just to brighten up dull skin. They also have a Gentle one, Blackhead one, Blemish one, and Firm and Renew one. These are only the apricot ones. They have a bunch of other types of scrubs and skincare stuff. Click HERE for their website (link takes you to the facial products). I think it is anywhere between $3-$6. Not bad, and works great!
I would definitely recommend this scrub!
*Please read the comments for more information on possible side effects from this product (Thanks DoodleDaisy!)

Comment if you have tried this or any of their products and tell me what you thought!

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  1. it is wonderful and i havent found anything yet that matches it, but be careful using this scrub, if used too often (more than once weekly) over an extended period of time, it can seriously damage your skin b/c of the walnut that they use as the scrubbers. I found this out from my derm too late and did some nasty damage to my skin, I loved the product and used it religiously for over 6 years, admittedly more than i was supposed to.

    hope this helps.

  2. i naturally have normal/oliy skin, and i noticed that literally overnight my skin went for a little oily to very very oily and i started breaking out from it and my pores got HUGE, so i went to my Derm and she looked at my skin through her scope and told me that it looked like i had taken coarse sandpaper to my face; she told me never to use any product that has harsh exfoliants like walnut shell etc, use ones that have synthetic less abrasive beads. since i stopped using it my skin has retuned to normal/oily, but my skin looks and feels older,and the pores are still large.

    maybe once every couple weeks wouldnt be so bad, but used more than once a week can cause damage.

  3. ps. i higly recommend trying Clinique's Exfoliating Scrub ($36.50 us) pricey but it is amazing!

  4. Ooh this must be the new packaging! Looks clean!
    Love the nails btw!

    I just started following you!
    Check out my blog, I just posted a giveaway! =)


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