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Colored Eyeliner (And a trick to make any color you want)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hey everyone!
I've been wanting to talk a little bit about colored liners and different ways to wear them.
Some of my favorite colors to wear are purple, turquoise, and navy. It can be pencil, gel or liquid. Liquid is going to look a lot more bold than liner and gel.
Urban Decay makes great liquid liners in many different color's. Click here for some.

This is just a simple way to wear it- top and bottom, with a wing. I do not have any eyeshadow on with this. If you do wear shadow, I recommend keeping it neutral, like a highlight all over the lid, with this bright liner. This eyeliner is Jordana EasyLiner in Purple Fusion.

This is a Light blue, turquoise color. It is Milani's Color Brilliance in Aqua. I talk about this liner a lot. I love it because it is a bight color, and it a little shimmery. Here I wore a very light brown highlight eyeshadow on the inner corners and lower lashline with just a light brown liner on the bottom.

This is another way to wear it- on the bottom. It's the same turquoise, but on the lower lashline, with black liquid winged liner and no shadow. I did not put any mascara on the bottom to make the color stand out more.

Here is a navy liquid liner by Hard Candy. Its called Walk the Line in flip side. Wore it with a shimmery white and hot pink shadow and a navy pencil liner on the bottom.  

This one is a little bit harder to see because it was taken with my phone. But you can make any color liner you want using a white eyeliner and going over it with an eyeshadow. Here I used Nyx's Double Sided Liner in White on my water line and lower lashline. I went over it using an angled brush and a lime green eyeshadow from the Coastal Scents palette. I wore it with a shimmery white shadow all over the lid and black winged liner. Here's another picture of it..
What's your favorite colored eyeliner?
Comment if you all liked this and if you tried any of these tricks. Good luck!

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  1. All the looks your showed are beautiful! My fave colour for eyeliner is brown (it's boring, I know, but it's safe). Heh heh!

  2. 3rd is awesome. Love it! :)


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