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Spring Fashion 2010

Friday, April 09, 2010

Hey everyone! Sorry this post has been taking so long. I have been soo busy and am just getting time to get this up.
I am so excited for spring. I am definitely tired of winter clothes and its nice to wear something different and the warm weather is awesome!

My first favorite thing for this spring is florals!! They are everywhere. Big flowers, tiny flowers, pastels, brights, they are all so cute!

The top picture is a skirt I got at Charrlotte Russe. I couldn't find it on the website, but I'm sure it is still in stores. It has the black elastic band around the top, and bright pink flowers. The next black and white one is from Charlotte Russe. This top was in one of my OOTD post. The third one is a tank I got from Forever21. The back of it has snaps down it with gray around it. The last is a tee I got at Abercrombie last spring. Even if any of these are not available now, you still get the ideas.

The next thing I'm loving is embellished necklines. The top one is from Forever21. The last two have ruffles, which is also hot right now. The navy one is from Charlotte Russe (here), and the gray one is Forever21. I love the tops that button around your neck like the green and the navy one. These really show off your shoulders and arms.

Lace is also super cute. And I love these cut out back shirts. This shirt is from Charlotte Russe. They had a lot of other cute colors in this shirt, but I got the black.

All of my tops and skirts were purchased within the last 3 months (except the A&F tee), so I'm sure they can all be found in stores.

These are some pieces that are still online so you can get them.
 Forever21 $14.80 Click Here

Along with embellished necklines, I'm loving the built in necklace tops...
Forever21 $22.80 Click Here

Charlotte Russe $14.00 Click Here

Flats, sandals, wedges, and strappy heels are all on my want list for spring.
Here's some great, cute finds:

These are all from Charlotte Russe. Click here for the first ($28), here for the second ($38), and here for the third ($22.50).

Turquoise is big this season. It looks great with a solid color like white, black, or even neutrals.

These are all from Charlotte Russe. Click here for the first one ($7.50), here for the bracelet ( $7.50), and here for the last ring ($4).

Sorry this was so long!
I will be doing more spring and summer fashion. This is only a few things, of course.
What are your favorite spring trends? Comment!


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  1. Awesome stuff! I REALLY want that green shirt with the embellished neckline, and the brown with the lace!!!!!!

  2. Oh the lace shirt is actually black. My room's yellow lighting makes it look brown. But I got it at Charlotte Russe. I couldnt find it online, but i'm sure its still in stores. The green one I got around Christmas, so I doubt they have it.


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