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Jergens Natural Glow Face Moisturizer- Experiment, Progress, & Review

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I bought the Jergens Natural Glow Face Moisturizer (in medium/tan)  about two weeks ago and I wanted to test it to see if it really works. So about every day I took photos of my face. I will show you all the series of photos that were taken over two weeks. The bottle claims to work in a week. I saw results in a week. But it took two weeks to reach my desired shade.
I like to get tan in the summer but I do not let my face get sun. I don't want more freckles or want early aging. Throughout the winter I just used foundation and bronzer to make my face even with the rest of me. But now that summer's here, I don't want to be caking on makeup and I want to be able to go without it, especially since its hot and I'll be swimming and stuff. So this was the best solution to even my face's tone with the rest of me!

My opinion on the product:
I recommend it! It gradually gives you color, so it doesn't look like over night you automatically got tan. The color is totally natural looking. Its not orange, streaky, or really brown and fake looking.
As a moisturizer, it works great! It smells good and keeps my face from getting dry. Its not greasy at all and soaks in fast. It is good for any skin types, even oily.

How to use:
The more often you use this, the quicker it works. I started off only at night, so it had time to soak in. But I wasn't seeing results so I began using it twice a day. Definitely wash your face first to remove oil so it can soak in evenly. Use a dime size amount and massage over your face. I went over my eye area so it would all be even, but I avoided my eye brows. Blend it in well with your hairline, jawline, around your mouth, and ears. Wash your hands after, so your palms don't start to get color too.

The results!!
I took these after I got out of the shower and applied it. They are all taken in natural light. Some days I skipped taking pictures because they kinda looked the same. Some are without makeup and some are with it. I did this so you can see the way it looks both ways. But I did not have bronzer on.
Day 1:
Very white as you can see!

Day 2:
 This picture turned out kinda reddish. But there wasn't much of a difference yet.

Day 4:
Starting to see some results! This is when I started using it twice a day.

Day 5:
Slightly darker.

Day 6:
Of course more even skin tone with makeup, but you can see the darker color still.

Day 7:
Just foundation on. I could see results after one week.

Day 9:
No makeup here. A little darker.

Day 11:
Just foundation again. 

Day 13:
Just foundation. Really starting to like the results!
Day 14:
Final look after two weeks!

I love this product! I am still using the same foundation shade (Revlon Colorstay in Nude) for now, I just get to use wayy less bronzer, if any at all! I will probably get one shade darker for the summer.

They also have the body moisturizer. Click here for it.

What did you all think? Was it worth it? Have you tried it? 
Did this help you out?
Let me know in the comments!!!


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