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CSN Stores Review- Shoes

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hey everyone! CSNstores.com was so generous to provide me with a product of my choice. They have soo many stores (200+). Click here to see a list. They have anything ranging from Handbags and shoes, furniture, home decor, kids toys, office supplies, pet supplies, fitness gear, and so much more. There is pretty much a store for everything. I could not decide between getting home stuff or shoes, so I picked shoes. And I'm so glad I did! I got these awesome sandals that are so cute. They are $31 and the shipping is FREE.

This is the store they came from: Shoes Got Sole
They have another shoe store that is directed toward more fashionable shoes: Luxe
I think though that some of the shoes that are on Luxe are also on Shoes Got Sole. Shoes Got Sole is shoes for women and men of all ages.
Here is the link for the shoes I got: CLICK
They also come in teal and white-
I love all the colors! I only got the black because I already have teal and white sandals. They are comfortable shoes and don't hurt your feet like most flat shoes do. The straps and buckles don't rub or make blisters on my feet. They are not hard to put on either. Some sandals I have to sit down and adjust and fasten buckles all over. These you just slip on and fasten.
They go with everything too. Here are some outfits I put together:
They look good with skirts, shorts, rompers, or dresses. My favorite way to wear them is with skirts. If you have any questions about any of the clothing ask me in the comments.
Also comment with any questions you have about the shoes or CSN stores. I highly recommend them! You will find anything you are looking for!


FTC: CSNStores.com provided me with this product. I was not paid for the post. This is my honest opinion.

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  1. Those shoes are incredibly cute and it's great that you can wear them with pretty much anything!


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