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Drugstore vs. Department Store - What is best to buy where? (And my favorite products)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you all know what beauty products I think are worth buying at the drugstore or the department store.

I love drugstore products. Some products are just better quality at department store. Also, some products are just not worth paying department store prices on because you can find just as good quality at the drugstore. I used to only buy drugstore brands. And the majority of my collection is drugstore. But I only buy a department store item when I really think it is necessary for it to have good quality. I never just go out and buy random department store things just to keep up with the collections. Anyways... on with the post!
I am going to also tell you my favorite products for each category.
(Click the links to buy the products for cheap!)

-Liquid: Drugstore. I love Revlon ColorStay Foundation. It is great quality and has a wide variety of shades. It is between $5-$10 depending on where you buy it.
-Powder/Mineral: Department Store. I use Bare Minerals Matte Foundation. This stuff is around $18-$20. It is a little pricey for foundation, but it does last you a long time. I only have to buy this about every 4 months, or more. It is awesome quality and has great coverage without looking cakey. I have tried some department store brands that are okay, but they don't have that great of coverage. I think if you have clear skin, then get drugstore.

Setting Powder:
-Drugstore and Department Store. I think it all depends on how much oil control you need. If you need really good oil protection then go with department store. If your like me, and you don't have that much oil, go with drugstore. I really like the Almay Pure Blends Loose Finishing Powder in Translucent. For department store I would try Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder or MAC's Finishing Powder.

-Drugstore and Department Store. I prefer Department store. I love Nars Laguna Bronzer ($32). But a lot of bronzers are good at the drugstore too. I used to use ELF's Studio Bronzer in Cool ($3).

-Drugstore and Department Store: I like both. I think they are both great quality, depending on the brands. Revlon and Maybelline make awesome blushes. I really like the Revlon ColorStay Cream Blush ($9) and Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush. A department store favorite of mine is Nars Orgasm ($27) and Coastal Scents Professional Blush Palette ($15). 

-Drugstore. Highlight is hardly noticeable and you only need a sheer one anyways. I would buy cheaper ones at the drugstore. I really like Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in Broghten. ($7-$10).

-Powder: Drugstore. I don't think it is worth buying all these expensive brow kits from the department store. They are pretty much just brown eyeshadows. I use ELF's Studio Eyebrow kit in Medium ($3). This powder is great.
-Pencil: Drugstore. I haven't tried many of the pencils, but I do have a Covergirl one that is good.
-Gel: Drugstore. Any clear mascara or brow gel. I use Maybelline Define-A-Brow Gel ($6).

-Eye Shadow Primer: Department Store. Urban Decay Primer Potion is the best! It makes blending soo much easier and eyeshadow lasts all day. If you want cheaper, ELF and NYX make a good one too. 
-Eyeshadow: Department Store and Drugstore. They all depend on the brand. Maybelline makes the best drugstore eyeshadows. Revlon and NYX also have some good ones. I LOVE the Maybelline EyeStudio eyeshadows ($5-$7) . I also really like the NYX palettes ($7-$15). 
For department store eyeshadow, MAC has awesome ones. Coastal Scents also has great affordable palettes that are super pigmented. Other good eyeshadow brands are Urbay Decay, Too Faced, Makeup Forever, Nars, and Chanel. 
    -Pencil: Department Store. I think it is important to have good quality eyeliner. Pencil can be a problem because it smears and comes off. Drugstore ones can tend to be too hard and don't even apply to the waterline. My favorite department store ones are Urban Decay 24-7 Glide On Eyeliner ($15-$20) and Stila Kajal Eyeliner ($15-$20). These both are super creamy and last all day.
     -Gel/Cream: Drugstore. I am in love with the Maybelline EyeStudio Gel Eyeliner ($7). They are awesome quality and very comparable to MAC's. Loreal HIP Gel Eyeliner ($10) is also a good one. 
     -Liquid: Drugstore. Drugstores also have really good liquid liner. They all depend on the brand. I use Revlon ColorStay Pen Liquid Eyeliner ($6-$8). Loreal also has really good ones like the Linear Intense
-Mascara: Drugstore! I love love love my Loreal Telescopic Mascara ($6-$8). I have never repurchased a mascara this much. There are so many good drugstore mascaras. Covergirl ($5-$8) makes awesome ones too.


-Lipstick: Drugstore and Department Store. I really love Maybelline, Revlon, and Hard Candy lipsticks. The Revlon Colorbust lipstick in Baby Pink ($7) is really great quality. MAC's lipsticks ($14.50)  are awesome but there are good drugstore ones.
-Lipgloss & Stains: Drugstore. There are so many good drugstore lipglosses. Maybelline makes good lipglosses like the Shine Sensational ($4) ones and Color Sensational lip stains($7).
-Lip Balms: Drugstore. Loreal HIP Jelly Balms ($8. These are $0.99 if you click the link) are great MAC Tendertone dupes. They are great quality and last forever. Carmex is my favorite moisturizing lip balm ever! And it is only $1-$2!!
-Lip liner: Drugstore. I have found some pretty good ones at drugstores. Hard Candy's lip liner is good.

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Let me know what you opinions are on whether it is worth it for department store or not for different categories. What are some of the best quality drugstore products?
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