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How to Pack and Organize Your Luggage

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hi everyone! Please go to Part 1 of this post first to see the review of this amazing suitcase that I am featuring in this post. Click here:
I wanted to share with you all pictures and ways that I pack for trips. This applies if you are just going on a short trip or a long getaway.
I start off by laying out all of the outfits for each day. I get the jewelry and shoes together at this time as well because if I do it separate I end of leaving parts out. I keep all parts of an outfit in their own stack instead of having a stack of pants, a stack of shirts.. and so on. It is easier to know what all goes together. Then I put each outfit all in one stack, or two, depending on how much I have.
If you are dealing with a small suitcase, you can roll up your clothes and they fit much tighter!
Then I have another stack of pajamas. This I do not group or organize as much, but I try to make sure I have enough for each night.
Smaller things like bras, underwear and socks, I stuff in empty spaces or just on the sides.
Then I have a stack of shoes. Flats can fit easily, but boots can be a bit tough. I recommend only packing boots that are flimsy, that way they can be folded down. On top of shoes I usually just put stuff like my flat iron, curling iron, brush things like that that are awkward in size.

For jewelry, I put everything in a small hard cased jewelry box that I have. It was a gift, so I am not sure where it is from. But I love that little thing. It fits all my jewelry and has different sections so nothing gets tangled. If you don’t have a small box, I recommend using separate plastic bags to keep everything from tangling.
Now for makeup and toiletries, I use this bag that I got a Target:
This little bag is awesome! I put everything in there! It has a total of 4 pockets. It fits all my makeup that I need in one big pocket and brushes in a smaller one. Then you flip the middle over and it has the same pockets were I put toiletries and perfume. I use mostly travel sized products, but toothpaste and deodorant and stuff are full size and they still fit. I love this because it is plastic and zips tight, so if you spill anything it won’t ruin your clothes. It protects brushes nicely too. I really stuff this thing, and I can even fit my large palettes by putting them right in the middle. And it has a handle, so when I et ready, I can just get it out of my bag and have everything in one place.
For hair products, lotions, and face wash I stand them up in a sealed gallon plastic bag so nothing leaks. I usually keep this upright in one of the sides of the bag.
In the front pockets of the bag I put extra things like phone charger, etc.
Be sure to check out the link at the top to see more of my suitcase!
I wanna hear your traveling tips for storing things! Comment below.


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