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Beauty Tip of the Week: Fix a Mascara Mistake

Friday, April 15, 2011

Somehow when doing my mascara, I always seem to get a little on my lid. Most of the time, its not as much as shown in the photo, but I always get little dots where my lashes touched, or at the base where the wand touched. So I have mastered how to correct these mistakes without making an even bigger mess and having to retouch your eyeshadow.

After you smudge your mascara, LET IT DRY! Do not try to wipe it off when the spot is still wet. This will just cause a smear that is harder to fix. Then take a DRY Q-Tip (cotton swab) and LIGHTLY rub off the spot by spinning it, or doing shirt strokes over it. Do not wet the cotton swab! I used to do that all the time and even if the spot is dry and your Q-Tip is wet, it is going to rub off your eyeshadow. So wait for the spot to dry and rub it off lightly with a dry cotton swab. It works every time! And you don't have to do hardly, if any, retouching on your eyeshadow.
If it is a really small spot, like the little dots, you can even take your fluffy blending brush and buff over it and it should come off. If your eyeshadow did come off (it might if you didn't use a primer), just take what color was left on your brush and go back over it, then blend with a blending brush. And it should look new again!
Let me know if this was helpful!

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