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Beauty Tip of the Week: Secrets to Whiter Teeth (Crest Whitestrips Review as well!)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Of course everyone wants pearly white teeth all the time without trying. But unfortunately with everything we drink and eat, it is not always possible. Teeth whitening can be very expensive, costing you hundreds of dollars to get them professionally whitened. If I had the money for it, I'd do it too. But I have found cheaper ways to whiten teeth, and prevent them for getting stained in the first place.

Whether you have slightly stained teeth and you just want to whiten up, or your teeth are completely yellow, I recommend using the Crest 3D Whitestrips. I have used these things for years and they never let me down. They have a variety of products in the line, all varying in how much whitening you need. Here's a run down of the products:

-Vivid: white teeth in 10 days, wear them for 30 minutes, no advanced seal, ($16 on Amazon)
-Advanced Vivid: dramatically whitens in 14 days (visible in 3 days), wear them for 30 minutes, advanced seal, ($28 on Amazon)
-Professional Effects: professional level whitening in 20 days (visible in 3 days), wear for 30 minutes, advanced seal, better lower teeth coverage, ($40 on Amazon)
-2-Hour Express: whiter teeth in 2 hours (lasts 3 months), wear for 2 hours, advanced seal, better lower teeth coverage, ($31 on Amazon)
-Stain Shield: protects against everyday buildup, wear for 5 minutes, ($13 on Amazon)
-Gentle Routine: for teeth that are sensitive to whitening, wear for 5 minutes, more subtle whitening, ($27 on Amazon)
*prices are estimates

I recommend the Advanced Vivid ones if your teeth are semi-yellow and you just want to whiten up. If you have really bad stained yellow teeth and you have never whitened, I would get the Professional Effects.
I would definitely get them on Amazon as well, because they are more expensive at the drugstore.

Some ways to prevent stains:
-Keep away from any dark drinks like coffee, tea, and soda
-If you are a big coffee drinker like me, or even tea, drink it with a straw! I buy big packs of these and always drink coffee with them. This keeps it from swishing around in your mouth and getting on your front teeth.
-Brush your teeth after you eat or drink. This immediately removes the stuff before it stains
-Use a whitening tooth paste like Crest 3D Advanced Vivid
-Floss! Don't let plaque buildup in between your teeth, because its yellow too! I like the Oral B Floss Picks
-Use a whitening mouth wash at night to remove surface stains. I like the Crest 3D Whitening Mouthwash. But still use a regular mouthwash with alcohol in the morning to kill germs and bacteria.

Let me know how you all keep white teeth! And let me know if you have any questions.
What are you beauty tips and ticks? Leave them in the comments below and I will feature them in the next post with your link!

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  1. No one likes to have stained teeth. But it is quite challenging to avoid drinking coffee, especially if you are working at the office and you need to stay awake. If that's the case, be more watchful about your brushing. Never brush too hard, to keep your gums from getting irritated.

  2. You can avoid staining your teeth by using a straw regularly and pushing the straw to the sides of your cheek. I learned that trick at


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