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Beauty Tip of the Week: Long Lasting Lip Color

Friday, June 03, 2011

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There is nothing more annoying then spending forever on your lipstick and it only lasting about an hour, or smearing right off when you eat. Here's a few tips to keep your lip color from going anywhere:

-Lip glosses are just bound to come off, since they are sticky and wet. So if you want your lip color to last longer, don't add a gloss over it. Some lip glosses are made to be long lasting, but they are usually the stickiest, which makes you want to wipe it right off anyways.

-Lipsticks are going to last much longer than gloss. Matte lipsticks, like the Revlon Matte ones, are going to last the longest. However, they can be a bit drying. Add a bit of lip balm first, like the EOS ones, and then blot off the excess. This is going to make it more moisturized, but still stay on. But you have to blot if off before applying the matte lipstick because it will just slide around.

-To get maximum staying power for lipsticks:
   -Apply a small bit of cream concealer, like the MAC Studio Finish, to the edges of your mouth. This will help the lipstick stick, and hide any redness around the mouth.
   -Set it by blotting lips with a powder, like the MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural. This will seal it in place a absorb any oils that might make the color smear.
   -Apply a lip liner that matches your natural lip color or that is the same as your lipstick. My favorite are the NYX Lip Liners. I also like the Maybelline Clear Lip Liner, since its is clear it can be worn with anything. This always make the color stay on so much longer! Line the edges and definitely fill the lips in. Lip liners are matte and won't rub off!
   -Apply your lipstick in a thin layer, and then blot. Apply a second thin layer over it. This will make it last way longer!

-If you don't like the look of matte lips, choose a creamy lipstick, that is still long wearing. The Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks are creamy but last a long time. If you must add a gloss, only apply it to the center of your lips. The corners are going to wear off first, so avoid them with gloss. By only applying gloss to the center, your lips will look fuller too!

-Some lipsticks that advertise "long wearing" like the Maybelline Superstay 16-Hour Lip Color, are extremely drying to lips and just flake off when they fade. I do not recommend these types of lipsticks.

Hope some of these tips helped!

A tip from one of last week's readers:
"Nice tips :) I would like to add that there are two products from The Body Shop that I use regularly for getting THE glow: the Glow Enhancer (applied lightly to cheeks and forehead) and, recently, the Bronzing Gel for face, from the new collection (applied all over mixed with a light foundation). These help giving an extra radiance to your natural glow :)". From LUUUX user: Inês Carvalho.

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